12 April 2007

Note to self - understand your bank

I finally did it. Probably one of everyone's biggest fears in life -- not realizing you didn't have enough money in your bank account and the bank doing what banks love doing banking on your hard on cash.
So here I am thinking I'm a-ok with money in my bank account, only to find out it's in my ^$*@# Savings account! When you need to spend stuff from that account, where does it come from? Your Current account. Of course, foolish me messed it up and I'm pretty sure one of my bills is probably going to cost me a lot more because of an ^$@&# overdraft now.
Fingers crossed the bill came in one day late :P Damn you HSBC! You're not fooling anyone behind your acronym! I know who you really are... Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Just thought I'd vent a little. Now I'm back to normal, time to get to work!



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