16 November 2017

Vr vr vr vrooom!

It's that time of year again, the Macau Grand Prix and I'm back here tending to the press conferences! I have to say, it's bizarre seeing familiar faces a whole year later and watching how we've changed (read: how I'm balding).
The good thing is I'm not too sleepy/tired even though it's been crazy early mornings so far but I think it's the fact that my body and mind are thinking "we've done this before...so...whatever you're worried about, you don't need to be..."
Tomorrow begins the real madness for me but time flies so fast at the Grand Prix, before I know, it's Sunday and the cars have finished zooming around the circuit.

It's a really weird feeling sometimes when i see familiar faces at familiar events, much like when I'm the ring announcer at fights, I see frequent fans, fighters and refs. I guess that's how human nature is, once we work with a team/people and they get the job done, there isn't really a push or need to find newer ways or improve. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but it's just I'm constantly trying to find newer and better ways to do the same thing so my brain is constantly thinking "how can this be done better?" and then when I come back and see things the same way, it makes me wonder why no one thinks the same as me.

One good thing with all this racing is I'm sure everyone in the city wakes up super early because the engine sounds are LOUD. I'm talking LOUD. Like OMG rock n roll loud stadium concert loud. And when you stand close to the road, you feel the vibration as the cars zoom by you in those split seconds. It's a whole different experience when you actually see them zoom by you and realize how fast they really are going as compared to what you see on TV and think they're pretty fast.

So we're hitting the last legs of the year and man I got my list of things to tend to and get done before we close out 2017! I'm kind of on track, kind of because I'm currently in Macau and there are items that need to be done when I'm in HK so it's still in limbo till I get back next week.

Anyway, if you've never experienced race car events, I strongly suggest you go online and check out some videos and just listen to the sound with headphones to imagine how crazy that is having it right next to you in person.

Oh speaking of right next to you in person, my comedy crew started our own weekly facebook live video stream and episode #1 done. The interesting thing is, it was easier than I expected, I suppose since we're all comedians and we've hung out together for years so things just flow, there just happens to be a camera recording the situation.

If you're up for it, it's on tonight at 9:30pm Hong Kong time (every Thur 9:30pm HK time). I'm in Macau so I won't be on, but I'll be there next week again ready to whip up 45 mins of total nonsensical fun with the gang.

Until then, enjoy your week!

06 November 2017

Back to normal

Oh man, so after a total chaotic last few weeks, I finally find myself drawing the line and deciding, enough is enough. I've eaten enough junk food, skipped enough routines and also missed enough workouts.
So hopefully starting from today, I pick up my routines again and get back on track so by the end of 2017, my life and all my systems are back on track.

But speaking of systems. I got me a Google Home and man it's a heck of a lot of fun! The fact that we're not in USA means a few features are difficult to set up or missing but otherwise, it's made my life a lot easier, especially since I could finally connect it to all my smart devices etc.
Now I know a lot of you may think oh man, there goes your privacy...yes, I agree there's that risk, but honestly, my life is pretty damn bland that chances are any marketing team is going to think "yeah, he's not our target demographic...

So how have things been? I have to say, the weather turning cooler is absolutely awesome, but my clothes starting to get tight for me is not. It's hilarious watching certain clothes I normally wear suddenly fit....differently. The craziest thing is exactly 1 year ago, I was in the best shape of my life lol.

Ah well, so much can happen in a year's time. Anyway, if you haven't noticed, everywhere in HK is starting to get Christmas-festive...we just finished halloween so the next big consumer festival is christmas and people are getting ready for everything.

So if for some reason I get side tracked, fall of my systems or simply go nuts, Merry Christmas and I hope the last quarter of the year is awesome for you.

Until then, enjoy!

26 October 2017

Boxes galore!

So the good news is I can walk again, but not fast and still with a limp. But at least I'm technically mobile and my life isn't on the bed and on hold. Phew.
The bad news is I'm 1 week late for everything and I'm living out of boxes at the moment and man it sucks big time because the only thing I can think of doing now is clearing boxes. My life is in chaos and everything is out of whack. As in all my systmized processes, etc. all are out of whack. I have been missing pretty much 90% of my routines and have lost all motivation to work out (not to mention that motivation being replaced by junk food).
Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed or unhappy, things are great mood-wise, but it's like I have this big-ass life project I need to sort out before I want to take on or move forward with anything else.

Anyone who has worked with me knows I hate unifinished business and until I get back on my routine track and have my systems back in place, this is one big ass unfinished business. Oh and now, all my wires are not managed which is another thing that is driving me nuts. The absolute last thing I want to see if a bunch of wires all over the place.

Well the good news is, my essentials are back in place and I am super grateful I can walk again. The weather's getting cooler and I can see daily progress. Just annoying that I know my potential speed but being partially disabled at the moment is totally killing that pace.

I figure in 10 days' time I'll be back to normal, so I better be all chirpy by the next entry :P

15 October 2017

Crap, I can't move

So this is what happened. Feet vs nylon strap. Nylon strap won.
So Last night, while packing, moving, organizing my stuff, I decided to hastily move from one end of the living room to the other and my foot decided to test its powers with a thick nylon strap that sticks out from my bag and BOOM! *CRACK* and 2 seconds later I found myself on the floor clutching my toes... it's been 24 hours and I can't put any pressure on my foot, I can't walk and basically I'm stuck here sitting on the bed with my foot up.

These are the moments you realize the small small things you take for granted. I guess it's a reminder to myself to remember to be grateful daily.

Oh fully functional foot, how I miss you so.

Enjoy your next 10 days, lots happening, lots happened and I guess hopefully this is that climax of madness before the fantastic resolution at the end with all the good news and happy ending....poof.

28 September 2017

The 1st Hong Kong International Laugh Festival

Well, we're down to the last week before the 1st ever Hong Kong International Laugh Festival happens and the world experiences its 1st ever all Cantonese comedy festival. We've all worked our butts off and I'm proud to say my team and I have got it 80% complete. Now all that's left are the final touches, some technical rehearsals and of course the actual shows.

You know what's crazy, so the festival goes from 4 Oct 2017 - 8 Oct 2017. On 7 Oct, I have to perform in Macau in the afternoon and then take the ferry back for the shows! Then on 8 Oct, I have to be in Sheung Shui for filming at 8:30am - 5pm for the new season of G-1 Fight Club. Like OMG?! How has everything fallen on these dates!?
Anyway, the good thing is they don't clash in their timings, so at least that means I can do everything, just it's a hectic schedule!

On the other hand, I'm super excited about the whole festival, it's been a really tough journey for everyone since it's the 1st time it's happening but at least it also means we are free to do whatever we want and create any sort of frame work as we like :)

Well how have things been for everyone out there? A lot of turns, last minute rushing, deadlines and lack of sleep on my end. My workouts have gone into the gutters (again) but mark my words, starting 10 Oct, it's go time and this year isn't ending with me and my current chubby gut and low stamina.

Oh and if you haven't and are planning to, do not watch the new IT movie. It absolutely sucks! Oh man, I was so looking forward to it, watched it and left thinking "how could you ruin it?! You even had the old movie as a benchmark of what you cannot ge below.." sigh, absolute trash. So that was a downer.

Otherwise, things are good and I just saw that Lego is releasing the Joker Manor set so I'm pretty screwed now. But the good thing is, my toys are still in boxes so my guilt is keeping me from getting anything else since so many of my wonderful items are still packed up and hidden away from the world's eyes of admiration...

Otherwise, so far so good I suppose. Let's see how crazy the next 10 days get.

13 September 2017

It's going mad again!

Well I write this as I take a 5 minute break between the madness that has been the last week and this week. I kind of overdid it with my committments and even though I know a few weeks later when I'm well rested, I'll look back with a smile at what I've done, I'm currently in the pits of the warzone that is gigs and life in general. I'm running on 3 hours sleep and got another big filming gig thing tomorrow that will mark the end of the insanity that has been the last 10 days of my life.

In case you want to get a taste of things so far, you can check out the video of Yokkao 25 & 26 from Hong Kong where I exhausted my diaphram muscles more than my throat. And when they do post the 1st HK Youtube Fanfest, you'll see yours truley screaming his lungs out again only 24 hours after being in a suit doing the same :P And of course today I was up at 6:10am getting ready to film the next season of G-1 Fight Club, so yeah, that's only 3 days in the last 10 days.

Going to go off and try to do whatever work I can before my brain shuts down. Hopefully this time tomorrow I'll be able to just stare at a wall for a while with my brain in hibernation mode. Enjoy the next 10 days!

02 September 2017

3 typhoons, really? This is normal to you?

So tomorrow's expecting to have yet another typhoon hit Hong Kong and that makes it 3 typhoons in such a short period of time, not to mention 2 on a Sunday. So thanks to the typhoon one of my gigs last week got canceled and the gig I have tomorrow is postponed....well the good news is I get an extra day to set up so many things that are going to happen in September/October related to comedy.
The bad news is, next Wednesday onwards, I'm going to lose my shit for 2 weeks lol.

So how are things? I must say I'm very excited because in October we're going to our our very own Laugh Festival here in Hong Kong showcasing the best of Cantonese comedy from Hong Kong and hopefully brings about a new wave and chapter for Cantonese stand up comedy in general! So much to do, oh my goodness, putting together the schedule, proposal, etc. like it's driving me nuts, but the good thing it's all the typical initial madness, once we get this sorted, it's the same thing but better each year...poof. Stay tuned guys!

So anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update, the last few days has seen me catching up a lot and so far so good...hopefully by the end of September, I'll not only be more stable, but I'll be 35! OMG I cannot believe it. 12 years ago I told myself I want to retire at 35.... I still have time lol.