13 September 2017

It's going mad again!

Well I write this as I take a 5 minute break between the madness that has been the last week and this week. I kind of overdid it with my committments and even though I know a few weeks later when I'm well rested, I'll look back with a smile at what I've done, I'm currently in the pits of the warzone that is gigs and life in general. I'm running on 3 hours sleep and got another big filming gig thing tomorrow that will mark the end of the insanity that has been the last 10 days of my life.

In case you want to get a taste of things so far, you can check out the video of Yokkao 25 & 26 from Hong Kong where I exhausted my diaphram muscles more than my throat. And when they do post the 1st HK Youtube Fanfest, you'll see yours truley screaming his lungs out again only 24 hours after being in a suit doing the same :P And of course today I was up at 6:10am getting ready to film the next season of G-1 Fight Club, so yeah, that's only 3 days in the last 10 days.

Going to go off and try to do whatever work I can before my brain shuts down. Hopefully this time tomorrow I'll be able to just stare at a wall for a while with my brain in hibernation mode. Enjoy the next 10 days!

02 September 2017

3 typhoons, really? This is normal to you?

So tomorrow's expecting to have yet another typhoon hit Hong Kong and that makes it 3 typhoons in such a short period of time, not to mention 2 on a Sunday. So thanks to the typhoon one of my gigs last week got canceled and the gig I have tomorrow is postponed....well the good news is I get an extra day to set up so many things that are going to happen in September/October related to comedy.
The bad news is, next Wednesday onwards, I'm going to lose my shit for 2 weeks lol.

So how are things? I must say I'm very excited because in October we're going to our our very own Laugh Festival here in Hong Kong showcasing the best of Cantonese comedy from Hong Kong and hopefully brings about a new wave and chapter for Cantonese stand up comedy in general! So much to do, oh my goodness, putting together the schedule, proposal, etc. like it's driving me nuts, but the good thing it's all the typical initial madness, once we get this sorted, it's the same thing but better each year...poof. Stay tuned guys!

So anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update, the last few days has seen me catching up a lot and so far so good...hopefully by the end of September, I'll not only be more stable, but I'll be 35! OMG I cannot believe it. 12 years ago I told myself I want to retire at 35.... I still have time lol.

27 August 2017

10.5 years with a typhoon 8!

Oh man, 2 typhoons in a week? Hong Kong, what is going on?! But hey, it's Sunday so a T-8 doesn't help too many people...
Anyway what's up! I just finished watching the Connor MgGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight and I loved it! Floyd won but what I loved was Connor's attitude at the end when they asked him. I can so relate to him, he was just grateful to be able to experience this whole thing. Win or lose, he won in his world and if I were him, chances are I'd feel the same way, especially when he said he's been choked out on live TV and come back.

Anyway, so another 6 months and boy oh boy has so much happened. My hunt for a flat happened and completed. I am the proud owner of a new flat and it's currently being renovated. My mom and me have been going crazy (a good crazy) trying to learn everything about interior design and decoration and man we feel like we've become semi professionals! We often find ourselves going to places and studying what they did for their interior decoration. It's quite fun but man it's mind numbing, like it saps so much of your energy thinking of different ideas, scenarios and functions. However, I am getting really anxious about the whole thing, we're pass the half way mark so now it's just a matter of finishing things off and making the final move.

So that's the biggest thing in the last 6 months, otherwise I've come to realize and reconfirm that my life is always at a constant level of 2 items at a time. As in I have quite a few interests/passions/goals in life and they include:
  1. Comedy
  2. Fitness
  3. Gaming
  4. Drumming
  5. Web design
And the more I look at my history the more I realize at all times, I can only grow in 2 of these items at a time. For example, in the last 6 months, a lot of my comedy career has soared and I've been busy with a few big web projects, and due to that, my fitness level has gone down (lack of workouts + eating badly), I've not gamed in a long while (mostly because by the end of the day, mentally I'm quite burnt out) and drumming, well drumming has been in off-mode for a while. But I bring good news, we plan on having a little corner in the new house where I can finally open up my drum kit (pray it still works!)! Woot woot woooooot!!!

What I have learned is that I very rarely go out of these 5 items and it's mostly a matter of trying to avoid spending my time on items other than these. One of my biggest time burners is commuting and meetings. Meetings are often out of my control and commuting can be improved by throwing money at it and taking things like taxis. But that's never been my solution. I'm not the guy to just throw money at a problem if it solves it. Well the good thing is, this new place is like 3 minutes away from the gym, which basically means I cut out my 15 - 20 minute walk to the gym daily, basically earning me approximately 30 minutes a day, which in turn can be a quick workout if I find myself too busy or too tired to go for a full one. Ah there we go!

On the other hand, the last 6 months has also helped me cement the idea that our comedy crew Viveknfriends has matured and it's time we broke out of using my brand name as a spring board for everyone. So we've decided to go with the name Hall of Laughs 爆笑館 which I'm super excited about. We're also going to have a Laugh Festival in October to kick start this brand and hopefully start a new trend for Cantonese comedy! Fingers super duper crossed!

So a new place, a new comedy brand and hopefully a new lease on my (fitness) life! These last 6 months have been more about internal growth than external which is the perfect compliment to the year. We're heading into the busy season of gigs and I just had a crazy (but good) one last night so that's a perfect way to kick things off and I've got another one tomorrow, so here's to these upcoming 6 months allowing me to simultaneously grow in 3 aspects of my life and eventually figure out how to do 4 at the same time before achieving 5. Time to level up! I have 6 months to do so!

Oh and 6 months ago I wanted to revamp my funnyvivek.com website, still work-in-progress lol.

23 August 2017

Typhoon 10 in da kong!

So Hong Kong got to experience our strongest typhoon in a long time and that means 90% of HK got the day off to stay home and stay safe. I have to say, we all hoped for a T8 typhoon but to get T10 was a bit much. This one had a lot of destruction and I just hope no one got seriously injured in their exciting adventures to embrace the winds. There are a bunch of videos circulating of the destruction the typhoon has done

But on a brighter note, things are calm now and that means no one will need to go to the office since it's already 3pm now and even if they put the signal down, you have to get to work within 2 hours of the downgrade so that means people get the day off. Well I say people as in the office-hours people. The security guards or 7-11 staff are not going to enjoy much of this as they have to get to work and deal with any issues that have occurred.

Well things have been absolute madness so this typhoon feels more like a supplement than a surprise based on the whirlwind of things I've been having to deal with. I didn't realize how tired I really was until I just allowed myself to sleep in and ended up getting like 9 hours of sleep straight up.
OK so not really straight up but more like 6 hours with a 30 min break to check the typhoon status and also get the new Spooky Horror Humble Bundle. It had Alien Isolation which I'd been waiting to get and well at US$6.50 for that game and the rest, you can't go wrong. But the thing is, will I get to play this game today? I'm pretty damn sure no. I got so much to catch up on but I figured heck, the day will come when I get to just sit back and game for a day. And that day is usually the last week of December when everyone winds down and gigs are switched to a minimum. Oh days when I was young and I could game daily, you were good times. And oh self-discipline, you are a necessary evil!

Well here's to the next 10 days being good ones and maybe gaming ones to a certain extent and I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if anything else is reported about the typhoon's doings.

12 August 2017

It's on! It's 43" on!

Well, well, well, I finally did it and got me the DELL p4317q 43" monitor to soon be mounted on my wall. I've been looking back and forth, researching, thinking of the pros and cons and finally today, I did it.
What I never realized is how heavy and big the whole package is!! OMG, just lugging it down a flight of out-of-order escalators and I was re-thinking my decision. OK so maybe I wasn't but it was a tough workout especially since I had a big puffed up back pack that would make it hard to avoid hitting either the monitor box or my bag against the sides of the single-way escalator.
Nonetheless, I made it home in one piece, but after a long day I think I'll have to leave opening it up and testing/setting up to tomorrow when I have a bit more mental energy.

So how has everyone been doing? For a very drastic change, my schedule this past week has been very, very gentle on me, to the point I look back thinking "are you sure you're not missing something?". I mean, I had time to literally do nothing and just muck around on the internet (which of course is also why I finally convinced myself about this monitor because I had time to convince myself about it lol).

Oh, I went to watch The Big Sick last week, and I must say, I highly recommend it. Maybe it's that I've not gone for a proper movie in so long or that it was really a pretty damn fun piece of entertainment, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it! So yeah, check that out.

I also just came back from MC-ing Make-A-Wish Hong Kong's annual Summer party and got to be the Shark King for their underwater themed party and man it's so refreshing and fun to do gigs for young kids. I could be silly and feel just normal! I highly encourage this, whether it's through volunteer work or actually working somewhere where there are a lot of young kids (provided it's related to them being happy kids like parties or parks) and it'll take years off of you (effect lasts only for a few hours but still...)

But the cool thing is, the rest of my August isn't insanely packed, it's busy but not enough to make me go "oh man, who knows when I'll have time to just relax and do nothing".

I've also finally also changed up the music I listen to on Spotify while I'm working, though my workout music has yet to change, somehow what I listen to just works mostly because my brain is used to those songs so I don't end up being distracted in the gym actively listening to the song rather than working out. Oh and I'm also finally back on track with my fitness regime again lol...this year has been extra tough for me to stay on track with workouts...fingers crossed.

Well got another 10 days of CRAZY HEAT to endure, man I could use a cooler weather change, I'm really getting tired of sweating so much on a daily basis. But last time I checked it was November before the weather went cool....poof, 2.5 months to go.

But I bet when it's super cold I'll be thinking "man I was so much more limber in the summer..now all I want to do is remain a statue"....you can never win.

Anyhoo, happy 10 days, lets make this August an awesome one!

29 July 2017

Technically I was a good boy

So the HK Ani-Com Fair is going on and I have successfully not allowed myself to go for it (well I've never gone before) because I know they'll have some weird promotion or "limited edition" toy or game device that I'd be like "ohh I could use that". So pat on the back for me.

But I've been eating badly, sleeping late and not sticking to my diet or fitness regime, so slap on the wrist for me. I think I've found that at one time, I can only have 2 consistent items on my list. Basically things that need consistent attention/practice/discipline. Like I can practice my drums and work on my diet but then once I introduce a 3rd item like my fitness regime, things start crumbling. So in other words, it's at most 2 "work on this now" items at a time. Of course, with fitness and diet, this is a forever item, but I'm referring to actual practicing, like my olympic lifting. Once I want to work on that it requires consistent practice.

On a brighter note, it's Saturday and as much as I'm totally swamped with work, I can get some stuff done then lock myself down tomorrow and get it all sorted. It's been a whirlwind these last few days with so many sudden things popping up, and that brings me to my diet and fitness totally taking a beating. When I have a long crazy day, but the time I find the time, my brain is so fried even if I went to the gym I'd probably look at the dumb bells thinking, nah, there's no need to lift that. And when I'm at home, after a long day I keep thinking "I deserve a treat" and by treat it ends up being half a packet of doritoes (not the small packs!)

But nonetheless, I've become much more confident in dealing with this stuff, as in I know one way or another I'll get it done, just a matter of how painful or tough is the process. So #mature I guess?

I've also become a big fan of keeping up with the US news and politics, I feel bad for America, so many crazy things going on, but the more I follow the news, the more I realize why people can be so pessimistic about life in general at times. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "oh don't complain people"... I'm just saying for the sake of your own sanity (well my sanity), I have to try to look away and remember the good things that are happening. Heck, even simple things like "wahoo! I got the train immediately" jsut to make sure i don't end the day thinking, "why bother being here?!"

And well, hopefully in 10 days time, I'll have sorted out a lot of big issues and things stabilize a bit more for me.. seriously can't be eating like this, but oh fatty salty foods..why are you so tempting when I'm stressed out!!! RAH!!!

Happy 10 days guys!

19 July 2017

The summer is slipping by

So it's been raining a tonne lately and I have to say, it's making everyone around me gloomy. It's raining enough to slow down your day and keep the skies dull but not enough for the HK Observatory to feel it's dangerous to go outdoors, so you're going to work and meetings with wet socks on a daily basis.

With my getting sick a week ago, my whole schedule went upside down and I've been playing catch-up for the last forever. I must say, 2 things that can ruin all my motivation to get anything done is having too many "unfinished" items in my to do list for too long (ie. incomplete for over 3 days) and a very messy desk/room. Right now I have both of them and it's terrifying because no matter how much I try to discipline myself or remind myself "focus on each task, don't worry about the big picture", it just creeps back into my head and makes me go "oh man this list never ends!"

Speaking of never ending lists, man there is so much stuff I want to watch nowadays and so many games I want to play! And Humble Bundle having their TellTale bundle isn't helping at all you know.
Netflix won't stop adding good content and I have yet to organize all my own media (not to mention the backups of photos and videos of my own). Oh why won't there be a long holiday for a change? Somehow my weekends just zoom by.

Anyway, but someone did ask me "would you rather be busy like you are now, or have nothing to do?" and man I must say, at the end of the day, I much prefer ending my day looking back and seeing how much I've progressed, accomplished and grown in just the last 24 hours. I try to make sure I leave 1 hour of total down time for myself before I sleep because even if I don't, I end up taking an hour to wind down and fall asleep anyway, so it's not really any different.

Well the good thing is I get to stay home all day today and just work, which means I have the next 12 hours to burn through my to do list and hopefully get it down to an acceptable amount and end my day with an extra big smile on my face :)

And if possible, even clear my desk! I bet half of these papers need to be thrown away....

Well enjoy the next 10 days, I'm hoping the fact that it's actually not raining today is a good sign of a fresh beginning! :)