23 August 2016

Intergalactic, radioactive, radioactive, intergalactic.

Yep, so I'm listening to Beastie Boys' Intergalactic and man that song never gets old or tiring. I still remember hearing that song for the first time, I immediately took every dollar I had saved, counted them up and realized I didn't have enough money to buy the album. I then resorted to radio station phone-in games and eventualy won myself an EP or demo CD or something. Eventually after saving up even more, I got the full album and that, my friends, was my first taste of Beastie Boys and some hardcore DJ scratching work.

So helllo, how are things!? I'm currently in Hiroshima having managed to only squeeze in one Japanese meal (killer Japanese curry) before I board the cruise ship and float above the ocean for the next 4 days. Man, after taking a 26,000 yen taxi ride last time from the port to the hotel, I tried my best to figure out how to get to the port from the airport hotel Im at this time but noopppeeee, not only did the cruise decide to dock at another port, I just couldn't figure out how to get there and resorted to a taxi yet again.

So the last few days have been great, I got to experience and announce for IMPI World Series 4, my summer comedy workshop had it's big "end of class performance" which was killer! For these guys who've only been at it for 2 months and 2 open mics later, they did a fantastic job with 7 out of 9 getting an average of 3 - 4 laughs per minute! I was sooooo proud, like a proud parent ahahah...

And for those of you who are curious about my ring announcer side, you can check out a video of the last (And best) fight of the night: https://www.facebook.com/studioone.com.hk/videos/1753657424922558/

Please excuse my mad-man yelling and trust me, the audience was loud that night...you're only hearing the mix from my mic (and you can imagine how loud the audience was if you can hear some of it reach my mic!), but man it happens to me every time, after fight nights, I have a hard time winding down from the adrenaline and I slept at 4am...but the cool thing is it was super smooth.

And speaking of super smooth, I am having some of the smoothest weeks of my life, other than the usual "stresses", things have been going pretty well for me, to the point I'm getting suspicious with the "this is too good to be true" feeling....but oh well, maybe staring at the ocean for an hour will help.
Enjoy land for the next 10 days!

09 August 2016

Da wha in da where?

Oh man August, you are brutal. But I love it. Well, it finally happened, after 6 or 7 or 8 years of working in the summer heat. I have finally come of age where I can no longer tolerate it (or no longer find the reason to tolerate it) and have become one of the many earth-shattering people who live in an air conditioned room and work there. The good news is, no birds are killed since they're all long gone and the better news is, now that I'm working with this, I'm super duper focused. Also, spotify has decided to add a "Gaming" genre with game OST's which is awesome, I just wish they'd get the Quake and Doom sound tracks, that would make life easier (even though I have the audio files... )

So things have been crazy as usual but nowadays, I'm learning to appreciate things like allowing myself to enjoy for a change. I'm also learning to draw the line better in other word, realizing that sometimes even though I can, I shouldn't. Like, work never stops and sometimes you just have to realize that and do what you want instead. I know it's easier said than done (boy do I  know that) but hey, it's a start.

Oh I've also been working on my hand-stand and after 2 lessons, I get the concepts, very cool and I'm getting there. I still need the wall but after I realized that it's all about using your hands to control yourself while keeping the rest of your body stiff as a stick, it's just a matter of practicing all the time. The cool thing is now that I get it, it's way more fun and I understand the direction I have to head. 1 more class and I'm on my own with practice and hopefully by September I'll get back to my olympic lifting sessions. Been a while but I've been working hard on strengthening my shoulders, scapula and opening up my torso.

Speaking of opening up, I recently was invited to be a guest speaker at a teenage center and it was so much fun because I got to talk with younger people and hear about what they're thinking and the struggles they're facing, man I so remember when I was in their shoes. And it's good to be able to share with them what I've gone through and am still going through so they realize it's not a matter of "oh but he's different". The cool thing is I felt young, the bad thing is I felt old at the same time. While everyone was all Pokemon-Go this and that, I was like "man, it's hard to even keep up with facebook" ahahah... oh man, it's just a matter of time before I become the grumpy old man I feel I almost already am.

Anyway, here's to a fantastic next 10 days. The year is shaping up to be a kick ass year, so much has changed, so much has improved and I can only hope that so much more goodness happens.

OK I know, I know, think positive. Well right now, thanks to yesterday being leg day (and having a good workout), my legs are sore and I am totally dreading walking up the slope home. 1st world problems suck.

24 July 2016

Comedy Central just happened

Well. I hit a milestone in my life and comedy career. I was one of the comedians hand-picked by Comedy Central Asia to represent the region in their first ever Asia-production called Stand Up Asia. It was a blast, I got to meet my comedy family from around Asia and basically represent good ol' Hong Kong.

I've finally had a chance to sit down and "rest" after a week-long of shows and gigs and work and a lot of lack of sleep. So I'm writing this half-zombie half-human.

Well the cool thing is, this coming week my schedule isn't packed but I have a lot to get done, so I'm looking forward to getting enough sleep (me lack of sleep is the 2nd biggest killer to my productivity).

Anyway, it's going to be a crazy next 10 days but once I get through it, I'm going to get to enjoy a whole new point in my life and then a few weeks later I get to board a cruise ship for gigs and well, buffet's the ocean and ...buffets again.

Did I tell you that I'm literally sore everywhere because I worked out 2 days in a row with absolutely no foam rolling or stretching after and oh my god, I can feel it. I can feel it bad.

Hopefully tonight's sleep will fix things up :)

Well rather than me randomly rambling, going to end this entry here and get on with my stuff before I call it an early night and crash head first into my pillow.

Happy 10 days ahead and looking forward to what the 2nd half of this year has in store for me!

11 July 2016

2016 part 2

Ooooooohhh yeah!! We're in the 2nd half of 2016!! Man I can't believe the year has just zoomed by. So much has happened in just the last week, and so much has progressed in the last 6 months.
The cool thing is, I'm still insanely in love with the DOOM OST, though after hearing it over and over again for so long, there are a few tracks that stand out, namely the BFG Division track, that was fantastic.

So in the last few days, I've seen myself visiting multiple schools daily, giving talks and different sharings and let me just say, man I am blown away by the range of schools there are. The different types of audiences and what they find funny. Like there have been mornings where I've been surprised by the students' interested in certain topics, and others where I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall trying to get one of my bitgs to hit and get a giggle. All in the life of a comedian. But man am I blessed.

I even got to go to Sapporro in Japan for an event and ate the absolute best Ramen I've had in my life at, go figure, their airport (they have a ramen street there! INSANE!)

The cool thing is, this whole week has been a very progressive week. I mean as much as I was literally borderline dying of lack of sleep, but it wasn't like my life was on hold, things still progressed. Speacking of progress, BREXIT. Oh man, has the pound sterling tumbled hard. I am lost if I should buy some GBP or just buy stuff on line using GBP and enjoy the crazy conversion rates...

Either way, probably wait and see, things are so mad there I don't feel that risky anyway.
By the way, I'm writing this on my lovely plane ride back to Hong Kong from Japan, man it's so refreshing taking a plane with movies on board, ahah I'm so used to budget airlines, my iPad is filled with stuff to watch, it's literally something I do automatically whenever I get on a plane. Anyway, instead of probably developing some weird joint defect from trying to type in my tiny little space (it's Hong Kong airlines, keyword being Hong Kong and thus space is a luxury), going to treat myself to a movie. Speaking of which, I treated myself to 3 softie ice creams in a span of 2 days and that is more than I've had in the last 2 years!

OK time to enjoy....ZOOTOPIA!

(PS. This was posted after I landed of course)

30 June 2016

Doom, oly lifts, school talks and coffee

OK. Let me first make sure we're all on the same page.
I'm not a big coffee drinker. I don't crave coffee nor like to use it as a "booster" for my day when I'm tired.
But in the last 5 days, I've had 3 "coffee moments". Granted, they were all ice blended coffee drinks (because I'm still a kid when it comes to my beverages) but this is getting a bit much (says this while sipping his coffee waiting for the next meeting).

So my experience of using Doom and Quake 2 songs as my workout music has been kicking ass. The BFG Division song is still by far my favorite. Literally every work out starts with that.

It's also been perfect sound-track to my olympic lift practices (because they're all instrumentals it makes focusing easier). Speaking of olympic lifts, well good thing is I'm definitely stronger than before. Bad news is my should mobility/strength still seems lagging behind. Damnit.

It's summer now and that means 3 t-shirts per day, 4L of wate3r while the sun is out and a hell of a lot of sweating. Oh man. It also means schools are in summer mode and this year they're quite interested in having extra curricular activities like comedy workshops! The problem with that is I have to go to these schools to give an "introductory" session in their morning assemblies. For the last 3 days, I have been out and about at hours I can barely pronounce...things like "seven a-m"...ooohh it makes me cringe just saying it.

So yes, I can foresee quite a few coffees my way next week as I find myself burning my eyes out at the wee hours of the morning as I get ready in this summer heat. Either way, hopefully in the next 10 days I'll have somehow adjusted to these early morning schedules. I just hope I don't develop a coffee addiction. We'll see.

16 June 2016

Doom 4....OST!

First. Listen to this whole track.
This, by far, is the heaviest track of the whole DOOM OST and it has totally changed the way I work and work out for that matter.

Now watch this:

And tell me you're not super duper excited about the rest of the sound track.

... or is it just me.

Anyway, now with this music, it has completely changed the way I work. Turning my work into different levels within the game depending on what audio track is playing. So I've got the songs plugged into my spotify account and it plays randomly. When I hear something that is more subtle, I slow down and when it's an aggressive track like the BFG track, I work until the track ends..like super duper focus. You know what's strange, the more aggressive the sound track, the more I'm able to be in the zone. Oddly when I'm listening to more of those yoga-tracks, my mind tends to wander.

However, 1 hour of this and my brain needs a big break so in the long run, it feels like things balance out, but the over all experience of everything is much better.

And speaking of over-all experience, with this music, my snatches improved and so did my endurance while working out. Granted I've been mixing up my work outs and it could just be the strength gains I've had so far, but still this is definitely helping.

But I must say the last time I found music like this was either Spybreak in The Matrix:

Or The Quake 2 sound track:

Which brings me to the ultimate youtube video I've been enjoying so far.
Doom 4 to the Quake 2 OST:
I cannot get enough of this video! I am so ready to play doom but promised myself I will only get it after I build my brand spanking new rig in the future....when is that? Right now, no plans are in sight. Sadly.

Anyway, so here's to another 10 days of awesome working to this music. Let's see what happens with that in the next 10 days. If my improvements keep happening or I burn out to the intensity. Either way, it's going to be awesome!

05 June 2016

The ultimate burnout

Ever been so mentally burnt out that you feel bad for yourself? I won't lie but I'm currently at a point where my mind has decided it just needs to go for a walk...out of my head. So far, after waking up today, I've had a  very tough time not getting distracted. Kind of like having a dam with a lot of leaks and even though the dam is still filling up faster than the leaks, somehow those leaks won't stop.

I had a few things I wanted to get done today but it got to a point I had to categorize my mind is ill ahah. It's something I've had a tough time accepting because I know we can push that little bit more, heck have a cup of coffee, hit that extra supplement or just push yourself, but it's these moments that shift me from "enjoying the moment" to "going through the motions". And right now, other than this entry, today has been a very big going through the motions day.

So the last week has been intense, I've finally gotten back to my Olympic Lifting training (finally!). I got to enjoy a live band show thanks to Underground HK's Heavy #14, and man, it totally threw me back into my drumming days. I literally spent all the time staring and enjoying the drummers. I remember leaving feeling good but also disappointed that I stopped my drumming and kept thinking "maybe I could just start again on the drum pad?". Ah, and this is where the whole "time waits for no man" factor stands in front of me once again.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a efficiency/productivity freak. Like I find so much fun is squeezing out every potential value out of each minute of life, but the older I get, the more I realize productivity/efficiency is only half the game. The ability to make the right choices is the other half. I mean, doing something you don't want to be doing, but doing it at maximum productivity doesn't exactly make it something you want to be doing. Sure at least I feel like I was wasting the minimum amount of time at doing it, but it shouldn't be about wasting the least amount of time, should it?

And that brings me to the next issue that anyone and everyone faces -- doing the things you want to do vs. doing the things you need to do. I guess that's where someone's sense of responsibility and integrity comes in and that is going to be the infinite battle and frustration between responsible and irresponsible people. Oh man, it boils my blood when I find myself doing someone else's job/responsibility because it's for the good of the big picture.

I guess as you can see, it's been quite a struggle for me recently, especially after the drumming incident where I thought "why aren't I drumming anymore!?" and I have no one to point at or blame other than myself. Hmm, maybe I'll have an answer in 10 days time? Maybe not. I'm too burnt out to give an opinion on this :P

Now, going to do what I'm really good at right now -- get distracted without trying.