12 April 2018


Hello from down under! Well it's that time of year again where we head to the Melbourne International Comedy festival and for the 2nd year in a row, we're doing Cantonese comedy shows! We've already finished 2 shows, a killer opening show and a fun 2nd show because it was a Wednesday night and we had half a room of people. I must say, the Wednesday crowd was up for a fun time!

Well as usual, once I'm here, time just flies and I've been here 1.5 weeks...WTF?! And I've worked out....twice...barely. The gym in our building is quite crap with no free weights and only machines so I've been trying to get creative with my stuff and the bands I have but some days you're so mentally exhausted the last thing you want to think of is what to make yourself do.

The good news is I'm not going as crazy as before with my food. Sure the first few days was like OMG MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH but I think this being my 4th year, I get it. I'm not as blown away by the  quality of food here :P

So how are things? I've been working hard practicing video editing skills and so far so good, I've put together 2 videos of our trip which has been fun:


I must say, the more I do this, the more I'm understanding the challenges of video editing as well as filming. I've been a good boy and practicing my different techniques and trying to be disciplined with camera angles, organization and thinking of a story board.

Ok enough geek talk. Oh and I've been avoiding the toy stores my whole time here. Partly because I don't really need/want new toys but I also don't want to get tempted by what is available..... I don't have space at home anyway.

It's 12pm now and we're about to head out to Victoria Market to get some food so we have lunch and I'm determined to go to the gym today!! RAHHH!!

24 March 2018

Thank you broadband

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after almost a week of painfully slow wifi (I'm talking inability to load YouTube and downloading at 3kb/s).. It's so good to be back on land, in the world of proper wifi. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper internet, I had to delay my work until I returned to. Hong Kong and the last week has been absolutely chaotic for me. It's Saturday and I'm still feeling jetlagged! I didn't even change time zones?!

Well how are things? I've got around 1 more week left in Hong Kong before I head down to Melbourne and get ready for the awesome madness that is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Super excited about our shows but also quite nervous as I really don't want to fall out of any health regime I'm trying to get back on to. Last year while in Melbourne, I was so busy I had to give up on working out and it took me almost a month to get back on track when I got back to Hong Kong. But don't get me wrong, I will be eating a whole lot when I get there. That is certain.

Anyway, other than trying to get back on track and get my life sorted before I leave ol' Kong, I've been researching about cameras and man the Canon 80D seems to fit all the things I've been looking to do with a camera. I'm so tempted to get it but I realize at this point, another toy is not what I need, but perhaps learning more about video editing and effects. I've pretty much got the general use of Adobe Premier down, now on to after effects and let's see what crazy videos I can put together.

Ah I'm ranting because im on the train on my way to go teach in Tuen Mun and it's a good 1 hour journey. Well let's see how fast these next 10 days go bye. I'll check on in then and see where the hell I physically and mentally have reached lol.

13 March 2018

Let's set sail!

Ahoy matey! So this blog entry comes to you in the middle of the ocean! I'm onboard a cruise ship and ta-da, I came in yesterday and already did my show! I was this close to being able to disembark immediately and basically stay in Hong Kong but the cruise director decided let's have a bit more comedy! So I'll be doing another set later on the cruise ship. Heck, I get to enjoy the sound of the ocean at least while typing this! So that's pretty cool!

How is everyone? How has your week been? I've been traveling so much, I'm actually ready to just stay put in my room and on land. After I return to Hong Kong, I have approximately 2 weeks before I head out to Melbourne for a month for the comedy festival there! Super excited about it but not really looking forward to the overnight flight I have to take to get to Australia. Man I hate red eye flights, somehow I just crash and burn hard when I lack one night's sleep. My kryptonite!

So I've started watching this show called Stranger Things on Netflix and very, very cool! I love this crazy stuff with a mix of horror and madness...reminds me of all the Stephen King books I read growing up. Man I love those books, I've forgotten half of the details but still remember the general story line.

Otherwise, I'm trying to get myself back on track with my fitness regime. After being in India for 2 weeks and experiencing a food coma 3 times a day after 3 meals a day, I'm ready to get my life back on track.

Basically, in 2 months' time, once I'm back in Hong Kong and May arrives, I can finally "enjoy" 2018. Yes, 5 months into the year is when my 2018 actually begins.

However, I've got a whole bunch of stuff lined up for 2018 comedy-wise and I can't wait to execute them. It's going to be yet another roller coaster ride of doing new stuff, figuring things out, running around and border-line losing my mind, but the cool tihng is, just like the Laugh Festival we had last year, once we do it, then it sets a blue print for the future and opens up a lot of new doors for the wohle comedy scene in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.

Anyway, the wifi on this ship may be free but it's crazy slow! So I have to stay calm while I'm working and basically try to work while I load other pages lol... crazy multi-tasking so I can make the most of whatever bandwidth I get. Man I wish my home internet that is lightning fast. I guess it's times like these that you become extra grateful for whatever you have. When people come to my place and see my room and go "man it's tiny", all I can think is "trust me, this is just right for me". Heck, if you gave me a massive room I'd actually be less satisfied, simply because I love the idea that every thing is like 1 step away from me and I have to be extra efficient in the way I organize myself not because I love to be efficient bugt I don't have much room for wastage :P At least having a tiny room and no space has stopped me from buying any more toys! Win!

Anyway, going to go get my dinner before catching the show at the theater tonight, it's a world-class musical act so I hope I gain some extra culture and sophistication :P

01 March 2018

This blog has lasted 11 years...er....how?

Hello, hello, hello! I am shocked myself that this blog was started 11 years ago! Every major entry I write (ie. every 6 months), it's crazy to see how my life has changed.
So I write this right after dong a session of Ultimate Yogi - Balance.

The Ultimate Yogi w/ Travis Eliot - Balance Power Yoga Class from The Ultimate Yogi on Vimeo.
I'll be honest, I've been doing this yoga stuff for a while but I never followed the full schedule. So this balance class was my first attempt and yep, lots of shaking and falling for me but heck, pretty cool to try something new....while I'm in Delhi, India! So yeah! I've been performing in India for the last week and started off in Mumbai, headed to Delhi and been doing shows in Noida...tonight onwards I do shows in Gurgaon and it's pretty fascinating. Their rooms here are insanely beautiful! Like mind blowingly beautiful!

This is their room in Noida! They have everything, a smoke machine, warm spotlights, killer sound and a fantastic atmosphere! OMG!
Man I am always so grateful that I get to go travel the world doing stand up comedy. Good thing is, all my experience on cruise ships have paid off where I can travel globally and my material works most of the time. Not to mention I wrote some new material just for the Indian audience here and they like my local jokes :) Phew!

So the last major entry had me working out the 5 things that pretty much summarize my life:
  1. Comedy
  2. Web design
  3. Fitness
  4. Gaming
  5. Drumming
Well check this out, at my new place, I finally decided I have to give drumming up. Simply because it wasn't going to happen, not just the fact that I barely practice but the idea that that spare corner had to keep turning into a spare room for guests just turned things completely upside down. I mean it was pointless if I could practice and then had to stop and stuff... I'd lose all motivation and it'll turn into frustration. Also I've decided that as of 2018, my web design needs to close down. I really want to focus 100% on comedy and also work as hard as I can in growing the scene, myself and my goals. So #2 and #5 are gone. Gaming is still alive and fun. Fitness is... well it's been tough. I've been traveling and man it's tough to stay healthy while traveling. I mean I can get my workouts, it's the eating part that is tough.
Not to mention the food here is fantastic!!!! WOAH!!
But otherwise, comedy has been doing quite well, I've locked down gigs for when I get back to Hong Kong and the Indian scene is quite mind blowing really, to see their establishments totally blows what we have in Hong Kong or elsewhere out the water! And they have enough of a market that their own comics are making Amazon Prime specials etc. Man, I'm so jealous of their opportunities, but heck it's a fantastic incentive to work things out on my end. Nothing's stopping me from making something from nothing!

Well 2018 has started off quite crazy for me, lot of stuff happening including the passing of my 91 year old grandmother, which basically shook up my whole January and I've been busy the whole year. We're at March now and it feels like I was just writing down my new year's resolutions a few days ago. I have no idea where the last 2 months have gone but I do know a lot has happened, changed and will keep changing.

Oh did I tell you, I've got my hands on a Canon EOS M6 camera and the ZhiYun Crane 2 stabilizer. On my way to India, I was a very good boy and read through the manuals for all my devices, the Zoom H4N, Sennheiser clip mics, Canon camera, Crane 2 stabilizer and GoPro.. I can proudly say I pretty much know how to use them all inside out. At least I know all their functions and stuff. I've been filming my shows here and taking pictures just to learn and man it feels so good to know my tools properly. All I have left is to properly learn Adobe Premier and I'll get on with editing video myself and stuff. Can't wait to get this as part of my arsenal. It's always been something I wanted to do but decided I'll leave it to later but I have all these ideas I want to do and it takes too long to wait for someone else to help me do it.

On another note, we're heading to Melbourne in a month's time for the comedy festival there! Fingers crossed we sell our tickets, I am quite worried but at the same time excited to be there since a lot more Asian comedians are heading down so we can all meet up there and hang out! I love how the community of us are close knit like that.

As for fitness, I got myself a Manduka Eko Superlite mat which I'm loving because now I can travel with it easily and do my yoga in my hotel room. I no longer get limited by what is available at the gym or a towel for that matter. I still need to figure out how to work out my post-workout shakes because I really do see an impact on my performance if I have my shakes right after my workout vs. a meal right after. The good thing is with all this traveling now, I'm getting better at organizing my fitness time while I'm away so I try my best to balance things so I get some sort of workout daily. It's been tough the last week as I was with family in Mumbai and when I got to Delhi I pretty much got in, had like 2 hours before having to head out to the shows...otherwise I've been doing yoga/workout each day :) Although I'll admit, yesterday my workout had my heart pounding like crazy and yes it has everything to do with the greasy yummy food I've been having :)

So I'm in my new place, properly settled in. Our Laugh Festival was a success and we've been doing well so far with Cantonese shows. One of my Cantonese videos went viral so that helped sell tickets for our shows which was good income for us to buy more equipment (the crane 2, a drone, etc.) in preparation for whatever video work we can do. Man I can't wait to learn to edit videos easily like I can with poster design and just slap stuff out every other day :P

Finally, the goals for this year are simple, I just want to have a healthy life where I'm back to my fit conditions like I was 2 years ago (man I was in my best shape ever!) and have the energy to get through my days as well as pursue a much bigger comedy goal, with the festival, travels and hopefully have enough material for a proper 1 hour special. It's great to see so many others filming their specials on netflix, I think it's time Hong Kong does the same.

Well, there we have it, 3 main focuses on my life:
  1. Comedy
  2. Fitness
  3. Gaming (well not really a focus)
And with that, here's to another awesome 6 months and who knows where it'll take me, heck I never would have thought I'd be in India doing shows but that happened. Maybe in 6 months I'm busy reading through paperwork for my specials? Why not :)

19 February 2018

3 comedy + 2 improv shows...Kung Hei Fat Choi?!

Well first of all, it's Chinese New Year weekend! The one time Hong Kong totally slows down and people are in happy spirits to give away money!
Each year we try to do a special Cantonese comedy show around this time, last year it was the last day of the new year and we got a full house, this year it was the 3rd day of the New Year (the day where arguments are supposed to happen) and we managed to put together a string of 5 shows back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back! The longest Cantonese-only comedy show streak we've done ever! Not to mention, 2 of those shows were 1 hour full improv comedy shows, a milestone we've worked really hard at trying to make possible.

The cool thing is, each show bring a different vibe of an audience. You've got the family-oriented audience that already comes in with a smile. You've got the rebels who come in leaning back against the chair looking around thinking "hmm...what should I expect?" and you've got our favourite, the audience who's been here, enjoyed themselves so much, they brought a friend to come enjoy it again with them. Sometimes that makes us feel the best, that someone felt our shows were good enough to act as a volunteer salesperson and sell it to their friends. Word of mouth is powerful.

Well it's CNY and down to the 4th day now, it's the last day of a string of public holidays. It's been a good few days, as usual, time always zooms by way too fast, but I've caught up a lot on my work. I head out to India in a few days for a string of shows there but otherwise, February is pretty much "over" for me. I'll be in India for the rest of that, before returning to HK and boarding on a cruise ship for a week, come back and head over to Melbourne for the comedy festival.

Poof! Time is totally going to ZOOM by for the first half of this year!! WOAH!

The cool thing is, comedy is picking up which is great, the bad thing is so is my appetite for junk..oh man, the shirts are getting tighter, the food portions are getting bigger lol.

Well I guess in Asian culture it's good to be a little chubby, showing you have wealth to eat...so here's wishing everyone a fantastic year of the dog! Woot woot,....er... I mean woof woof! My year! Have a great 10 days and I'll speak to you when I'm in India!

07 February 2018

Well 2018, you're here already?!

So it's February of 2018 and I have to admit, this year has been zooming by so fast I can't believe we're 1 month into the new year...so much has happened in just the last month, my life has gone upside down, back to normal, spinning etc... I hope it's been kinder to you.

Well I've kind of settled that this is the year I close up my web business and dedicate the rest of my time (which was around 10% left in my web stuff) to comedy and developing both my career and the comedy scene in Hong Kong. The whole of Asia is exploding and I'd hate to see Hong Kong get left behind.

But other than that, it's been the same ol' madness as usual. Just that everything for some reason became super urgent at all times. If you know this chart:

you'll know that the worst thing to happen is to have things that are urgent and important at the same time.. that pretty much summarized most of my January. I've been trying to force myself to just go away from my work by gaming since I knew once I get the ball rolling I'd let my brain get engrossed in the game for a whole hour...but man this is crazy that I have to force myself to game.

But the good news is, we're in the final throws of all the madness, but the bad news is I'm going to be traveling quite a lot starting the end of February...got a tour of shows in India, then a cruise ship week, then a whole month in Melbourne for their comedy festival. So the next time I get to sit at home and go "no plans on leaving here" is literally May. We're just starting Feb!

Oh don't get me wrong, this isn't me complaining, I wouldn't have it any other way, it's more like me taking a step back and going woah..this...is...quite a ride.

So how is your ride so far for 2018? I hope those resolutions, if not all, at least haven't completely faded out. I'm getting back on track with things and I'm trying to work out my diet so I don't end up fueling myself badly and affecting everything down the line. When I'm stressed, I forget how much food can influence my day, energy and mood and it kind of hurts me back when I end up being tired and grumpy because I didn't have enough energy and motivation to do what I needed to do.
The vicious cycle.

I guess it's quite interesting because the more I do my thing and the more I get challenged to maintain this optimum condition, the more I realize how I'm where I am because of years of training and discipline, not just a matter of "I work hard". It's one thing having that mindset, but it's a whole different thing implementing that mindset in the real world, especially when you work for yourself, the sky's the limit and you have to realize that you ain't never going to reach the sky, but the point is to have it as your goal.

Well here's to everyone going towards their goals even if they don't reach it...anytime soon. I got a lot of great things in store for this year and I just need to make sure I don't let the tarpit that is reality pull me down and slow me into a ditch. Well, let's see, maybe by the time May comes by, I'll miss my time on a plane and out of Hong Kong?

28 January 2018

Hmm 2018, anyone there?

Somehow 2018 has started off...weird. We're almost 1 month into the year and for some reason nothing feels special. It might be that I'm pretty burnt out today but in general the whole year feels like it could be any other month. That it's the new year! Let's do this feeling isn't there for some reason. Perhaps I've done this new year thing like 35 times so I get it?

I can sense I'm burnt out simply because when I stared at my list of games (Wolfenstein 2 being one of them), all I could think was "ah I don't have the mental capacity right now to deal with this".... what?! It's Wolfenstein! Thankfully I didn't feel that when Doom came out around a year ago! Phew!

So today I finally got to sleep in a bit and had the day to basically catch up on things. It's been a wild last 2 weeks but one thing that anyone knows me will know I hate -- stale items on my to do list. I hate it when items are more than 1 week old. By then I just get so fed up with the item I prefer to just wipe it off my list altogether. Of course, that can't happen because it still needs to get done...and now...ever more urgently!

So how has the year been for you so far? Exciting? Same ol' or a real challenge? I've got a lot of exciting plans in my list but I need to power through all these other things on the surface before I can get to it. The good thing is some of my comedy clips and those of my other fellow comedians have kind of gone viral so it's pushed our comedy positions in a good direction! The wave is on and we need to ride it right! Good thing is we've been preparing for this day for a while so it's time!

I've got quite a packed schedule lined up till May 2018! Is that insane or what?! But that also means I need to get my stuff together so I can make the most of everything I've got going on. I'm super pumped about learning how to do proper video editing and also getting a bit more gaming in my life. I haven't played Street Fighter 5 for the last 2 weeks and heck even my workouts have been on and off a lot simply because of all the workload involved.

So I hope 2018 has at least been smooth sailing if not exciting for everyone out there. We're 1 month into it already !!!!!!! $@!$!%@Q$?!!!!!??! So yeah 11 more to go, can ya believe it! Well time to make the most of January at least :)

Have a good next 10 days and I'll see you soon!