11 July 2018

It's so hotter!!

OK so I guess every time it's time to write in my blog, I end up whining about how hot it is... well that's the thing, it's really hot! And I'm actually sun burnt (sure the photo's been exaggerated, but I'm actually burnt from the Make-A-Wish Foundation's Wish Carnival that happened on Sunday. Have to say, being around kids is awesome and makes you feel young again, up until they leave and you sit down realizing you're crazy tired from all that energy you spent to keep up!!!

So how are things guys? I managed to hit ZERO INBOX (emails that is) which, if you've been a follower, will know is a BIG BIG DEAL to me... am I less stressed? Well a bit, not in proportion to what I should be knowing I have no emails to deal with. Why? Because my to do list is pretty big, not in number of tasks but in the workload of each task! We're putting together the Laugh Festival this year and I've been tasked with putting together the shows, sorting out acts and stuff and I must say, this is some crazy work but it'll all pay off once the festival is on and I'll look back at this day with a smile knowing I have this story to talk about one day to my grand kids, or pets, or a drying wall.

So the last 10 days has been pretty intense, my mom is in India so I've been on my own which has made me shift my work schedule a bit to tend to things she'd normally be in charge of (namely, making sure I have food in my belly). The cool thing is I get to explore around town a bit more seeing what's available and I have a green card to experiment, but the bad thing is it takes up an extra hour of my day ahahah. I've squeezed in my time so much that an hour is like eternity to me really.

On the other hand, I've had to tell myself to start slowing down, I've come to realize I really am not getting any younger and it's times like these I need to be honest with what work I'm doing and which parts of it are the ones that deserve to be kept. I mean it was tough having to accept that I won't be playing drums and giving away my equipment but it was the right choice. In the same way, I don't take on web projects anymore simply because I've hit a point where I don't want to deal with the stress of managing a project of that kind anymore. I mean don't get me wrong, I absolutely love creating stuff from zero but having to keep up to date with the technical aspect of web technologies, let's just say it's not a race I'm up for anymore. On the other hand, I've found a new passion for re-learning my tools for video editing, photo editing and animations. Why? Well because as I can see from my instagram habits, I really do like creating stuff and trying to challenge myself to make something cool that is worth sharing. I mean I'm quite picky with who I follow and information I want to be informed about, I'd hate to waste people's time with generic stuff, after all, that's not how I write my comedy, then why should that be how I create anything?

Speaking of creating, I'll be hosting the Youtube Fanfest HK #YTFFHK again this year which is an honor, seeing as I am not as much of a youtube creator as the others on the line up that night...but at least it's good incentive for me to kick start something I suppose?

So I'm heading to Shanghai for some shows on the weekend of 20 - 22 July, then got my buddy Jason Leong's show coming up on 28 July 2018, then the Youtube Fanfest on 3 August 2018, a show with Clean Air Network on 11 August along with some other stuff then finally the Laugh Festival starting 8 Sept till 1 October...oh man, I am going to definitely need a big big big vacation soon.

Well here's to a crazy 3 months ahead but hopefully this time in 3 months a lot will have improved and I'd have created something epic! If not, web design again then? :P

01 July 2018

It's so hot!!!!

Yes, it's that hot. Seriously, today was HOT! But it was absolutely lovely! It's been ages since I went out with the special lady friend and just enjoyed the sunshine. I really do love spending time in the sun, at least I'm confident I'll be sleeping really well tonight!

But no matter how good the day is, my chores, my emails, my to do list is always there waiting for me back in my room. Speaking of my room, how the hell has it gone from super duper organized to a freaking mess again in just 10 days?!?! Seriously, I think once I get into work mode, any sort of "put this where it belongs" gets thrown out the window and all my brain is thinking is WORK! GET WORK DONE!

Well the last 10 days has been hot but also happening. I got to enjoy quite a few gigs, including my own show at the newly opened (well 1 month old) Tai Kwun! There's something magical about performing to an audience at a semi-outdoor area and having this super duper casual feeling to it.

Well this upcoming week is kinda packed for me as well, especially with the Laugh Festival coming in September and my buddy Dr. Jason Leong popping into Hong Kong for his show "Ambitious" on 28 July 2018!!!

So much going on this month!! The good thing is, my emails are.........near zero! I hit zero-inbox (long time blog followers will know this is a big, big deal to me!) and let's just say I didn't know how to feel when my inbox said "There is no new mail". However, a week later and boom, I'm back to like 9 emails left to sort out and like 30 items on my to do list to process. Ah such is life, much like this insane heat.

Although, I'd rather it be insanely hot than insanely rainy, nothing annoys me more than having soggy socks hugging my feet all day. OK, maybe forgetting to bring my own water with me on a sunny day would annoy me more....hmm.

Alright, back to work guys, happy 10 more days!

20 June 2018


Well it's World Cup fever everywhere in town and rightfully so. I'm writing this as I keep peeking at Morocco vs Portugal and I've got to say, for someone who isn't a fan of soccer in general, this world cup has been mighty entertaining. I mean, I'm Ok with not watching the matches, but once you start, it does keep you hooked. I'd always said it's such a slow paced game but I guess the tension of maybe this will be a goal is actually quit exciting!

Woops, sorry stepped away for a few minutes to watch the match. So how have things been? I went through a tough phase these last few days, a real roller coaster of of my mood. There are days you are so burnt out, nothing interests you. Oddly with me, when I'm burnt out, the only thing I'm interested in is getting stuff done. I've come to realize that when I have a long to do list, it's as stressful as having a looming deadline I'm not sure if I can meet. I guess it's the idea that I could eventually get overwhelmed if I don't tend to these items on my list.

And we're back (this match is very distracting ahha).
But good thing is I got to spend most of Monday just tending to my things and went down to a manageable number. We're down into the middle of June which means we need to get into preparing for September's Laugh Festival. So far so good, I just need to finish going through the applications with the rest of the organizing committee and then we get on with sorting logistics, marketing and basically making sure things work out.

Speaking of working out, I was so mentally not there last week that I couldn't even work out right. My brain just couldn't convince my body to exercise properly but thankfully today I got a proper workout that felt right.

So lesson of the last 10 days, try your absolute best to avoid getting into a place of feeling overwhelmed. And remember that soccer is quite exciting :)

Happy World Cup season everyone! Let's see who ends up being the champs this year!

10 June 2018

Bwahaha insta-kilo-gram!

Bwahaha OK so I think I've officially gone a bit obsessed with instagram. Ever since I finally organized my photos with Adobe Lightroom and finally got all my Camera Raw settings sorted, I'm having a lot of fun sorting through and developing photos. I recently had to play a role in an upcoming ad for Madame Tussaud's Hong Kong and got to go through their whole venue and let's just say, I like to play with their venue more than look at the wax figures.
So I was totally blown away by the room for Yayoi Kusama and had to take a photo there. Luckily I had my trusty tripod with me so I could play with it.

ahahha along with a few other ones I'll be posting over the next few days once I get a bit more time.

So how are things everyone? I hope the last 10 days have been better to you than they have to me. I finally had an hour to organize my room and my desk is finally back to being acceptable!! Ahhhh!!!

But my workload hasn't reduced much, but at least it's managable at the moment... I bet once tomorrow comes round, it'll be insane again. I hate it when my weekends just zoom by with ad hoc issues to deal with.. seriously, how does stuff just keep popping up for me like this?!

The good thing is at least I'm feeling a bit more sane now and playing around with my photos really lets me let out a lot of frustration from work. Never realized the ability to "create" is like a way to vent for me. Just like I would, say, going to the gym or (back when I did) play drums. Very cool.

So I've developed this new and very bad habit of eating chips before i sleep. I don't know why, by the end of the night I have this insane craving for chips. Maybe I've somehow made it into part of my sleeping routine, sigh, and I've started to drink a lot more coffee now. Both are things I don't want to be "addicted" to. I mean enjoying is one thing, but feeling like you're incomplete is an addiction. Sigh.

I have no travel plans or needs for the next few weeks which is a great sign because that means I can finally get myself back on track or at least back on a track of good habits. This chips eating habit has to stop (tonight? Eeekk.. maybe tomorrow? Ahaha).

Well I did let myself go crazy last week and play like 5 hours of Dungeons 2 which was awesome but man that game can really soak up time fast. I just remember looking at the time and going OMG 2am!!?!?! EEEK!

Well things are coming together and I'm focusing on a lot of things. One of the newest things is trying to figure out how to best organize my video footage as I've gathered a large chunk of videos from here and there and want to try to categorize it properly. I have 25 days left in my trial of CatDV and so far so good. I mean it looks like a heavy duty program with a tonne of functions, I just need to see if it fits my needs before I fork out a large chunk of cash (ah software, how can you burn up so much of my money?! I can't even "touch" you!!!!)

Anyway, back to my to do list, just wanted to check in. Don't forget to follow me on instagram if you want to see the behind-the-scenes world in my head in a more visual way. At least it's a cool outlet for me to just challenge myself purely visually where I am trying to see how can I be both model and photographer in many different situations. Heck, at least it's 2 birds with 1 stone *cough* no budget *cough* :P

Alright, enjoy your 10 days, I'll see you all soon!

31 May 2018

That wasn't the burn, this is the burn

So it's hitting 34 - 35 degrees Celsius these days and let me just say it burns. I used to be able to tolerate the heat and work while sweating but lately either I'm getting old, work is getting harder or my tolerance has just reduced...

So it's been an absolute insane last 10 days and my schedule has been packed. With me traveling to macau back and forth 3 times in a week and juggling fight night gigs and volleyball MC gigs to helping with the comedy shows as well as performing in the heat today... I love what I do, but some days you end the day and all you want to do is lie on your stomach with your face in your pillow.

The special lady friend met me for dinner which was a very good get away from all my piled up work and gave me a nice little starbucks reward card as a gift to keep me motivated (and probably hint that she wants to go out and chill together in a coffee shop more often ;) )

I'm currently working on some super duper boring stuff for an upcoming gig which is a double whammy since that means I'm not motivated to work on it and I'm already tired from the long day/week/heat... I'm giving myself another 30 minutes to finish my tasks and then after that it's nose-to-the-grindstone working on this boring stuff.

I've been playing a lot with my photographs and also working on catching up on the latest with Adobe Lightroom, have to say, it always excites me when I learn new software and get to become creative with it, but it does make me upset when I realize how far I've fallen behind with all the new tech. as compared to many years ago when I was ahead of the game and learning every new feature new editions had! Ahh but it does make me feel young when I'm going through the software manuals learning what every button does again, ahah the inner nerd will never die!

Anyway, try not to melt over the next 10 days and I'll see you then!

19 May 2018

The burn

Oh it's hot here in Hong Kong. Anyone who knows Hong Kong summers knows it bit about the temperature or the sunshine on your skin that kills you. It's the humidity that wraps itself around you that'll burn you out.

It's been an absolutely insane last 10 days.. My Instagram is going strong and my habit to "create" is going well. Not 100% perfect but enough to motivate me to actively try to document my life rather than just dust it into folders on my drives.

I head off to Macau tomorrow for the volleyball event and right now my schedule is pretty much full until the end of May. How is this possible? One way or another I just somehow find ways to fill my schedule on a weekly basis! I guess it's just what happens when you've been running your own business and realize if you don't actively keep things going.. You start slipping.

I was at a career talk today followed by thr TEDxHSMC and then headed over to ymca for a youth workshop on communication skills.. By now I literally don't want to speak anymore.

I'm so ready to sleep but I already know the next 10 days are going to be hectic.. So perhaps a cup of coffee instead?

Do you guys resort to coffee at crunch time? Or what's your "poison" to deal with a crazy schedule?

09 May 2018

The madness is back

Well I've been back to Hong Kong for around 2 weeks and let me just say it has been an absolute whirlwind of stuff going on. Even on days where I'm less busy, I've ended the day totally exhausted from everything going on.

Right now, I got a lot of opened loops that I'm trying to finish off, which, as anyone who knows me well, is my kryptonite. Having too many unfinished tasks is what can stress me out. By unfinished I mean items that have started but are incomplete. So if an item is on my to do list, but hasn't been "initiated", then I'm OK, but once I start it, it's like another item taking up my mental RAM. Speaking of mental ram, I invested in a Qnap UX-800p to add more storage space for everything I have seeing as I'm starting to get my stuff more organized (eg. DVD files from years of back ups or personal items) so I just need proper digital space to store it so it's easily accessible.

I installed it with 8 x 10TB (yikes) hard drives in RAID50 format so that means I essentially have 60GB space, so hopefully it'll be stable enough to last for years and fast enough to work properly.

I also finally got my instagram account going again, after registering it, but never properly using it for all these years. I guess now that I got my hands on a proper camera, my urge to take photos has come back, but I'm also using this as a daily target to create something. I've come to realize that unless something is given a deadline, it eventually will fall into my pile of "to do when I get time" which is probably never at this rate.

Having said that, I thought a few months ago that when May comes, my life can be back on track, and guess what, I've managed to line myself up with gigs for the rest of the month, it's insane but at least that means I got stuff to feel productive. Oh and our Laugh Festival this year is going to be a month long (I know, go big or go home) so I'm trying my hardest to basically do as much as I can to make it a killer festival and then take it from there for 2019. 2017's laugh festival had us filled with confidence that we could do something like this, and after Melbourne this year, I'm fueled up to take this festival to another level. Let's see how things go.

So with that said, it's time to buckle down and work. I hope you guys are enjoying your summer, humid heat... I'm using this as the perfect moisturizer and steam room. #greatskin (look at me with my hash tags lol)