26 August 2018

11.5 years and going strong

OK so by now, with the way the whole world has shifted, I have a strong feeling barely anyone is reading this blog (if you are, leave a comment, let me know you still exist!) But either way, it's kind of become part of my routine to keep writing here, heck I'd hate to kill off a 11.5 year old thing I started just because "no one is reading it". Bleh, no one reads my private journal but I still write it! So I'll just write this off as finger cardio either way.

So how are things? 6 months ago I was just learning how to use the Canon M6 camera, and the other equipment I have my hands on, not to mention I was thinking more from the video angle but guess what? 6 months later I'm well deep into instagram photos!
It's actually quite fun when I force myself to have 1-picture-a-day just to see how far I can stretch my creativity, not to mention it also makes me learn my tools even more! Now I love taking photos in full manual mode just because I'm able to fully control the effect of the picture, even if it's with a basic M6 camera (or the GoPro for some pictures when I can't access the camera!)

So 6 months ago I also gave up my drumming and web design and I haven't looked back. So web design still has a few lingering projects but other than that, it's pretty much closed down, allowing me to focus solely on my comedy career or at least the comedy world. And explore it I've done! We've got our Laugh Festival coming up in 2 weeks and I'm pumped, swamped, stressed and excited about it!
It's actually happening! Almost a month-long of shows and a crazy packed schedule. OK so many people asked me "why?!" and I figured hey why not? I mean, is there ever a time when you can say "people in Hong Kong have laughed enough"? Nah.

So yeah even though I'm not signing any contract for a special, this is definitely something very special to me, and I'm learning a tonne of stuff on the way, a heck of a lot of project and time management but also resource allocation (well time management is pretty much resource allocation).

Along with all the other things I'm doing (like my one-instagram-story-a-day), it's quite exciting as I barely have a day where I go "ahh I don't know what to do today", but usually it's "what do I start on first?!".
Oh I got invited to go check out a private screening for Crazy Rich Asians, then the Netflix show Ghoul and got inspired that night to take a picture and post up on instagram.

A post shared by Vivek Mahbubani (@funnyvivek) on
And the moment I did that, 2 people unfollowed me! Ahaha.. ok so maybe not the best idea to post a spooky photo on the eve of the Hungry Ghost Festival, but heck, you can't win 'em all!

Otherwise, my fitness has improved a lot. I'm still working hard trying to figure out and fix my right leg which is way weaker than my left leg, but I am leaner than 6 months ago and definitely fitter. I, however, have started to depend on coffee....like I can feel an extra strong "craving" for it on more days than before so I'm trying to balance that off as I really don't want to develop a dependence...

So the cycle of life continues and I'm getting more and more into a routine of everything like I know when I have to start thinking and planning about being part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I understand when my peak season is and how I have to work out my timing and stop trying to fight time....it's still a very tough learning process because every day I feel like I often step out of myself and watch time zoom by. Like right now, it's 7:12pm, but it was 5:44pm earlier when I last "registered" the time in my head. I used to get stressed thinking "ahh!! 7 already!" but now it's kind of like I expected it to hit 7pm by now.

Well 6 months before the next major update and I'm going to predict I'll probably be busy with CNY peak season gigs and preparation for Melbourne shows? But I do hope by then I'll have picked up on my video editing skills and actually re-started my Mandarin learning classes. There is so much I want to do and learn, my only issue is I often find either I'm mentally dead before it's bed time, or it's bed time before I'm mentally dead (duh)....and very rarely am I mentally alive before it's bed time and I have time to myself...

But here's to my next 6 months, video editing (more than just instagram stories), a few more phrases in Mandarin than "hello" and a clearer grasp on where I'm heading in the world of stand up comedy.

Until then, happy 6 months people!

24 August 2018

Crazy Rich Asians

So have you watched it yet? It's the talk of the town and super duper lucky me got to enjoy a preview screening of it! I got entertained for 2 hours and that's exactly what I was hoping for, no hard brain work, no over-the-top-special-effects, just entertain me for 2 hours lol....

I've been so swamped getting ready for our upcoming Laugh Festival in September, my days are just zooming by! It's Friday and I'm 80% awake at the moment. Unfortunately, I've been going a little harder than usual on the coffee's (ok so it's at most 1 coffee a day except for last Saturday when I did 2 ahahah what?!
But I'm learning so much and growing so much from organizing this festival that it's worth the crazy effort I'm putting in... I'm really excited about the whole festival and hopefully will be a good start in the right direction to pushing Hong Kong further ahead in the world of comedy in Asia!

So how have your last 10 days been? I've been obediently posting to my instagram account daily and even adding daily stories as well! Sure, you might be thinking "dude, why don't you just focus on writing comedy?" but I have to say, the instagram posts give me a whole different angle on my creativity and I'm quite liking it, especially since it's so much more visual. There's just something about photos that words or videos don't seem to do.

And it's also made me observe the world around me so much more closely than even comedy has because I'm not just finding interesting things, I'm noticing patterns in human behavior, it's really all very fascinating. OK I'm geeking out now.

So it's still very hot in Hong Kong and I'm trying my best to avoid turning on the air conditioner but some day, some days the weather just doesn't make it environmentally friendly, especially when I have a bunch of work to tend to and my concentration is already low.... eeek! Today's one of those days where it just feels extra humid and I could use air conditioning and a coffee, both things I'm trying to avoid as much as possible at the moment ahaha....

Well here's to another awesome 10 days and keep up-to-date with my latest progress by following me on instagram and get an insight into the wacky world I live in!

13 August 2018

Bee Bee Boo Da Dee

Well things are shaping up for me as we're less than a month away from this year's Laugh Festival!
Oh and the mandatory Instagram post to share:

So it's been crazy hot and then suddenly typhoon weekend hits and it's been raining, but the good thing is the weather's a bit more pleasant where I don't find myself melting, just...er...sweating.

Things have been quite crazy for me in the last 10 days, after the YouTube FanFest which was awesome, I had to get down and dirty to work out the marketing plans for the Laugh Festival shows. I can't believe I've gone from comedian to comedian and promoter and designer and planner...aha ah well, all in the journey really.

This is the madness that happened when we started the show. Lots of fun and an absolute honor to be amongst all these top level youtubers!!
Well the cool thing is I've been quite disciplined with my instagram posting so at least I've created another creative outlet for myself...visually. But I have yet to get myself totally on board with other areas of social media, but it's just a matter of time. Heck I'm looking forward to next year's YouTube FanFest, who knows what to expect!

But for now, if you're itching a laugh (and you should be!), go on Youtube and watch some comedy, sit back and treat yourself to 20 minutes of ha ha's and then dive right back into reality.

I'm going to do that right now. See you in 10 days!

03 August 2018

YTFFHK tonight!

And here we are.. August already. I'm on my way for last preparation work before the YouTube FanFest tonight and I'm quite excited (and grateful!) that they liked my work last year so wanted me to host the event this year.

It's mighty hot today and of course as usual, my walk to the train station meant I'm already quite sweated up... Sigh.

Anyway, so how has your middle of the year been? I have to say, looking back at this year I have yet to find a good chunk of time where I've been able to laze around.. Oh and speaking of lazing around, the special lady friend informed me that one of my favorite books, The Art Of The Start apparently has a new edition.. Literally 2.0 lol... So she borrowed it from the library and I skimmed through it and all the memories of what I read like 10+ years ago started coming back.. Poof, heck this blog is proof of that!

Good thing is all the principles I learned are still very much relevant and if it wasn't for books like those I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now.

I still encourage everyone I know to read that book if they're interested in started on a personal project.

So if you haven't read it, please make sure you do! It's a pretty smooth read.

And now I shall smoothly transition to the end of this entry because it's time to switch trains.. And switch gears into MC mode!

23 July 2018

Ok so I'm starting to really like instagram now, mostly because it helps me look at the world not from a funny point of view, but also from a beauty point of view. Like how can I turn what I'm going to into a photo and summarize my feelings?

So how are things? I've been working hard at writing material while traveling a lot. I was just in Shanghai this weekend doing English shows and we even did a Cantonese show! Yes, I know, Cantonese! After an awesome weekend of shows, the typhoon hits Shanghai and I find myself stranded at the airport...argh!

The last 10 days has seen so much happen, I don't know where to start! So we're 1 week away from Dr. Jason Leong's comedy show in Hong Kong!

The upcoming Laugh Festival has got a packed schedule with shows for 4 weeks and I am nervous but excited at the same time! I have 1 month to get everything sorted and make sure the whole world knows about the festival!!!

Anyway, other than that, my life is getting back on track finally. I spent a good amount of time trying to sort things back in order and managed to get my emails and to do list in order. Of course, my weekend in Shanghai kind of messed things up, especially since I was supposed to get my Sunday to work but found myself sitting on the tiled floors of the Shanghai Pudong Airport catching up on a bunch of netflix shows that I'd been meaning to watch.

My workouts are back baby! Still nowhere close to the fitness and mobility level I was 2 years ago but definitely better than this time last year. At least I'm getting back in my routine and even getting back into Yoga :)

So I told the special lady friend she needs to read The Art of the Start and turns out there is a version 2.0 of the book now! Wahah, crazy! I read the table of contents and it was quite awesome re-reading that and remembering some of the content. The main takeaway is that it made me convince myself that what I was doing would make the world a better place, a mindset you definitely need if you plan on creating something out of nothing.

I've also been noticing that I absolutely love the idea of creating something out of nothing. Like my comedy, or my photos on instagram or whatever, it's just the idea that I could have easily just ignored that and let it be, but I tried to capitalize on what I had in front of me. Like I don't go out of my way to pay money to book a venue just to take a photo or I don't go out of my way to do something just in hopes of turning it into a comedy bit. I guess there's just something I like about being an opportunist. ... yes another thing I learned from the Art of the Start like 10+ years ago when I read it first as I was starting myself in the world of self-employment.

Well, it's 10:37pm and I'm quite excited to see what happens in the next 10 days, I have a whole bunch of different things lined up that will happen or need to get done, who knows what happens after that. Heck in 10 days I'll be rehearsing for my part as the MC for Youtube Fanfest Hong Kong! Woah?! Speaking of which, I really need to find the time to make more videos and get my Youtube channel back on track. In 10 days?

It's on my to do list, but will it get done!? Stay tuned and find out in the next edition of "Let's write out what I can remember happened in my life".

11 July 2018

It's so hotter!!

OK so I guess every time it's time to write in my blog, I end up whining about how hot it is... well that's the thing, it's really hot! And I'm actually sun burnt (sure the photo's been exaggerated, but I'm actually burnt from the Make-A-Wish Foundation's Wish Carnival that happened on Sunday. Have to say, being around kids is awesome and makes you feel young again, up until they leave and you sit down realizing you're crazy tired from all that energy you spent to keep up!!!

So how are things guys? I managed to hit ZERO INBOX (emails that is) which, if you've been a follower, will know is a BIG BIG DEAL to me... am I less stressed? Well a bit, not in proportion to what I should be knowing I have no emails to deal with. Why? Because my to do list is pretty big, not in number of tasks but in the workload of each task! We're putting together the Laugh Festival this year and I've been tasked with putting together the shows, sorting out acts and stuff and I must say, this is some crazy work but it'll all pay off once the festival is on and I'll look back at this day with a smile knowing I have this story to talk about one day to my grand kids, or pets, or a drying wall.

So the last 10 days has been pretty intense, my mom is in India so I've been on my own which has made me shift my work schedule a bit to tend to things she'd normally be in charge of (namely, making sure I have food in my belly). The cool thing is I get to explore around town a bit more seeing what's available and I have a green card to experiment, but the bad thing is it takes up an extra hour of my day ahahah. I've squeezed in my time so much that an hour is like eternity to me really.

On the other hand, I've had to tell myself to start slowing down, I've come to realize I really am not getting any younger and it's times like these I need to be honest with what work I'm doing and which parts of it are the ones that deserve to be kept. I mean it was tough having to accept that I won't be playing drums and giving away my equipment but it was the right choice. In the same way, I don't take on web projects anymore simply because I've hit a point where I don't want to deal with the stress of managing a project of that kind anymore. I mean don't get me wrong, I absolutely love creating stuff from zero but having to keep up to date with the technical aspect of web technologies, let's just say it's not a race I'm up for anymore. On the other hand, I've found a new passion for re-learning my tools for video editing, photo editing and animations. Why? Well because as I can see from my instagram habits, I really do like creating stuff and trying to challenge myself to make something cool that is worth sharing. I mean I'm quite picky with who I follow and information I want to be informed about, I'd hate to waste people's time with generic stuff, after all, that's not how I write my comedy, then why should that be how I create anything?

Speaking of creating, I'll be hosting the Youtube Fanfest HK #YTFFHK again this year which is an honor, seeing as I am not as much of a youtube creator as the others on the line up that night...but at least it's good incentive for me to kick start something I suppose?

So I'm heading to Shanghai for some shows on the weekend of 20 - 22 July, then got my buddy Jason Leong's show coming up on 28 July 2018, then the Youtube Fanfest on 3 August 2018, a show with Clean Air Network on 11 August along with some other stuff then finally the Laugh Festival starting 8 Sept till 1 October...oh man, I am going to definitely need a big big big vacation soon.

Well here's to a crazy 3 months ahead but hopefully this time in 3 months a lot will have improved and I'd have created something epic! If not, web design again then? :P

01 July 2018

It's so hot!!!!

Yes, it's that hot. Seriously, today was HOT! But it was absolutely lovely! It's been ages since I went out with the special lady friend and just enjoyed the sunshine. I really do love spending time in the sun, at least I'm confident I'll be sleeping really well tonight!

But no matter how good the day is, my chores, my emails, my to do list is always there waiting for me back in my room. Speaking of my room, how the hell has it gone from super duper organized to a freaking mess again in just 10 days?!?! Seriously, I think once I get into work mode, any sort of "put this where it belongs" gets thrown out the window and all my brain is thinking is WORK! GET WORK DONE!

Well the last 10 days has been hot but also happening. I got to enjoy quite a few gigs, including my own show at the newly opened (well 1 month old) Tai Kwun! There's something magical about performing to an audience at a semi-outdoor area and having this super duper casual feeling to it.

Well this upcoming week is kinda packed for me as well, especially with the Laugh Festival coming in September and my buddy Dr. Jason Leong popping into Hong Kong for his show "Ambitious" on 28 July 2018!!!

So much going on this month!! The good thing is, my emails are.........near zero! I hit zero-inbox (long time blog followers will know this is a big, big deal to me!) and let's just say I didn't know how to feel when my inbox said "There is no new mail". However, a week later and boom, I'm back to like 9 emails left to sort out and like 30 items on my to do list to process. Ah such is life, much like this insane heat.

Although, I'd rather it be insanely hot than insanely rainy, nothing annoys me more than having soggy socks hugging my feet all day. OK, maybe forgetting to bring my own water with me on a sunny day would annoy me more....hmm.

Alright, back to work guys, happy 10 more days!