17 September 2015

Kuala Lumpur here I....here we come!

Well I'm on a plane (delayed flight, Air Asia, you never fail me ahaha) with my fellow comedians Matina and Tim and we're off to Kuala Lumpur. Going to be there for a whopping 6 days so this is going to be an awesome time. First time I get to enjoy my trips with my fellow HK comedians.

So here's to killer shows and if you're in Kuala Lumpur, come on out, watch a show and say hi :)

05 September 2015

8.5 years old WTF?

Woah, so this blog is 8 and a half years old!? Woah, I could have gone from a new born baby to a kid who hates weekends when they're filled with homework. Or I could have gone from someone who started his first full time job to someone who hates his full time job that he's been stuck in for 8.5 years :P

Well the last 6 months has been a comedy whirlwind for me, touring around Asia-Pacific, enjoying and experiencing the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and a whole lot more. Let me just say, after that festival. My mind and perception of comedy was completely blown apart. In a way it made me realize how freaking big this culture is around the world, and in a way it's helped me see an even bigger picture which makes any crappy little show I encounter seem like no biggie. Don't get me wrong, it was a tough climb after I finished the festival to get back to some small shows or weak audiences, but either way, I learned to appreciate every show for what it was.

I've also started learning gymnastics on top of my olympic lifting (OK so I haven't been practicing my olympic lifts themselves mostly because I found I needed to clean up a whole lot of other things like my mobility, stability and strength) and man the more I explore all these factors the more I blow my mind with regards to fitness. Just the same way I went nuts as I explored the universe of drumming. My move from Oly lifts, to TRX, to strength , to plyometrics and now gymnastics (well its' not exclusive, just all the previous ones play their part) has been a fun journey and I'm learning how to complement all of them towards my goal which is mostly daily functional movements.

Why? Well during my Melbourne trip, my grandmother had a fall and injured herself by fracturing her hip and well ever since then her health has gone downhill...she was in the hospital for a good 2 - 3 months but now she's home which means my mother and I are on 16-hours on-call duty to deal with her. Why no nurse you ask? Well the sad thing is my grandmom's always been a very, very stubborn person and basically anyone other than immediate family equals in her not listening, getting violent (yes she will hit you...nothing dangerous, but annoying as hell) and just plain irritating people. So all this fitness training has really played a part in both conditioning me to help deal with her (Sometimes she cooperates other times she's a dead weight) and the mental challenge of basically staying sane without getting obsessed with the idea that if I don't see to her immediately, the situation could get worse.

Speaking of obsessions, I found a new time-killer before bed: 9gag.com. If you thought scrolling through facebook could burn your life away, scroll through that site on your phone while you're lying in your bed. Kiss your youth and sleep goodbye. I've also been obsessively reading about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 4. My current laptop, my trusty little Samsung Series 9 has served me well but it's coming to a point where clearly the hardware is failing and things are slowing down.

But one thing isn't slowing down and that is my comedy career (wooo what a very normal transition!). So this coming week has me do my one-man English comedy show

And then next week it's off to Kuala Lumpur for their comedy festival.

And for the first time ever, me and the Cantonese crew are heading down to KL for a Cantonese show!!! OMFG!!!!!!!

the coolest thing is I'm excited about the comedy crew road trip and for these guys to see and experience a comedy festival. And the KL festival has a tonne of killer comics on!!! WAAAAA

So, let's see how things pan out in the next 6 months... all I can say is this year, my goal of doing festivals, let's just say I'm very satisfied with the outcome :)
Rock and roll!!!!!**

** My buddy Ryan Rems in Manila is now a big hit there after his awesome performance on It's Showtime Funny One, check it out: