31 May 2018

That wasn't the burn, this is the burn

So it's hitting 34 - 35 degrees Celsius these days and let me just say it burns. I used to be able to tolerate the heat and work while sweating but lately either I'm getting old, work is getting harder or my tolerance has just reduced...

So it's been an absolute insane last 10 days and my schedule has been packed. With me traveling to macau back and forth 3 times in a week and juggling fight night gigs and volleyball MC gigs to helping with the comedy shows as well as performing in the heat today... I love what I do, but some days you end the day and all you want to do is lie on your stomach with your face in your pillow.

The special lady friend met me for dinner which was a very good get away from all my piled up work and gave me a nice little starbucks reward card as a gift to keep me motivated (and probably hint that she wants to go out and chill together in a coffee shop more often ;) )

I'm currently working on some super duper boring stuff for an upcoming gig which is a double whammy since that means I'm not motivated to work on it and I'm already tired from the long day/week/heat... I'm giving myself another 30 minutes to finish my tasks and then after that it's nose-to-the-grindstone working on this boring stuff.

I've been playing a lot with my photographs and also working on catching up on the latest with Adobe Lightroom, have to say, it always excites me when I learn new software and get to become creative with it, but it does make me upset when I realize how far I've fallen behind with all the new tech. as compared to many years ago when I was ahead of the game and learning every new feature new editions had! Ahh but it does make me feel young when I'm going through the software manuals learning what every button does again, ahah the inner nerd will never die!

Anyway, try not to melt over the next 10 days and I'll see you then!

19 May 2018

The burn

Oh it's hot here in Hong Kong. Anyone who knows Hong Kong summers knows it bit about the temperature or the sunshine on your skin that kills you. It's the humidity that wraps itself around you that'll burn you out.

It's been an absolutely insane last 10 days.. My Instagram is going strong and my habit to "create" is going well. Not 100% perfect but enough to motivate me to actively try to document my life rather than just dust it into folders on my drives.

I head off to Macau tomorrow for the volleyball event and right now my schedule is pretty much full until the end of May. How is this possible? One way or another I just somehow find ways to fill my schedule on a weekly basis! I guess it's just what happens when you've been running your own business and realize if you don't actively keep things going.. You start slipping.

I was at a career talk today followed by thr TEDxHSMC and then headed over to ymca for a youth workshop on communication skills.. By now I literally don't want to speak anymore.

I'm so ready to sleep but I already know the next 10 days are going to be hectic.. So perhaps a cup of coffee instead?

Do you guys resort to coffee at crunch time? Or what's your "poison" to deal with a crazy schedule?

09 May 2018

The madness is back

Well I've been back to Hong Kong for around 2 weeks and let me just say it has been an absolute whirlwind of stuff going on. Even on days where I'm less busy, I've ended the day totally exhausted from everything going on.

Right now, I got a lot of opened loops that I'm trying to finish off, which, as anyone who knows me well, is my kryptonite. Having too many unfinished tasks is what can stress me out. By unfinished I mean items that have started but are incomplete. So if an item is on my to do list, but hasn't been "initiated", then I'm OK, but once I start it, it's like another item taking up my mental RAM. Speaking of mental ram, I invested in a Qnap UX-800p to add more storage space for everything I have seeing as I'm starting to get my stuff more organized (eg. DVD files from years of back ups or personal items) so I just need proper digital space to store it so it's easily accessible.

I installed it with 8 x 10TB (yikes) hard drives in RAID50 format so that means I essentially have 60GB space, so hopefully it'll be stable enough to last for years and fast enough to work properly.

I also finally got my instagram account going again, after registering it, but never properly using it for all these years. I guess now that I got my hands on a proper camera, my urge to take photos has come back, but I'm also using this as a daily target to create something. I've come to realize that unless something is given a deadline, it eventually will fall into my pile of "to do when I get time" which is probably never at this rate.

Having said that, I thought a few months ago that when May comes, my life can be back on track, and guess what, I've managed to line myself up with gigs for the rest of the month, it's insane but at least that means I got stuff to feel productive. Oh and our Laugh Festival this year is going to be a month long (I know, go big or go home) so I'm trying my hardest to basically do as much as I can to make it a killer festival and then take it from there for 2019. 2017's laugh festival had us filled with confidence that we could do something like this, and after Melbourne this year, I'm fueled up to take this festival to another level. Let's see how things go.

So with that said, it's time to buckle down and work. I hope you guys are enjoying your summer, humid heat... I'm using this as the perfect moisturizer and steam room. #greatskin (look at me with my hash tags lol)