13 April 2017


Hello from Melbourne! Well we're 2 days into our show with our 3rd show up tonight. So far we sold out our first show which was fantastic! A great start to the whole run of shows for me and Tim. Tickets are looking pretty good so all the crazy hard work of running around suburbs, asking cafes and restaurants if it's OK for us to stick our posters and also going on radio station after radio station for the "Cantonese show" slot is paying off now!

So if you're in Melbourne and you understand Cantonese, check out our Cantonese Comedy Adventure show! I'm really happy with the show so far and worked out a small kink I had in my set from before (On the first night, I thought I ran out of time so I swapped my closing bit with another closing bit I have that is shorter)...but figured ah I want to keep all my shows consistent so I've kept the little adjustment I made on the first night so now it's part of the run of these shows! :P

On the other hand, I've been toy shopping a lot, got me some FUNKO toys such as the Killing Joke edition of the Joker toy.

Yummy! Along with like 4 other posters (3 joker posters and 1 breaking bad poster just because) lol.
I also got the DOOM Puzzle (got 2 because they had a crazy promotion where buying 2 was cheaper than buying 1 puzzle ahaha wtf).
Why a puzzle you ask? Because it was the DOOM Fight Like Hell  poster that I love!
Anyway, I have 2 hours before tonight's show and so far I've used today as a bit of a wind down and also catchup on all my work. I'm kind of falling totally behind with my work so I need to pick it up again before I lose my mind at the end of April. Otherwise, Melbourne is awesome as usual! But I kind of already miss Hong Kong ahha, this is insane. I guess I just like my usual routine I have back home and the pace of Hong Kong. Melbourne is way slower and it's nice, but after a while you're like "my day's over?!" ahahah.

Anyway, here's to a killer 10 days ahead and a killer 10 shows ahead as well!
Have a good one....mate!