25 February 2007

Every 10 days, every 6 months

That's my goal.

I start with one of my idols, Thomas Edison's self-made goal for life:
He promised that he would turn out a minor invention every ten days and a big invention every six months.
So in the same way, this is my goal for this blog. To write an entry of some significance every 10 days, and have an entry that perhaps mixes everything I've learnt and explored in the past 6 months.

If you've read this far, that means you're prepared to hear me talk about my dreams and other crap and so I shall do exactly that. This blog is basically my new (yes, like many people, I've tried blogging and writing journals a few times and eventually never followed through and gave us) and final blog I plan on using. I'm not saying this like someone would say "Oh, she's the one for me." after their first date. I've dated many journals and blogs and well this time, as Anthony Robbins suggested in one of his seminars (or tapes, I don't remember :P), you sometimes need to get pressured otherwise you'll never be able to force yourself to move forward. So I'm announcing this to the currently zero audience I have, but one day when the community builds up, this will be a funny post to re-read :).

So what will I talk about on my blog? Well, my current interests which as of this moment include the following:
  • Drumming
  • Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash (currently it's on version 8)
  • Getting things done (GTD)
  • Personal productivity
  • Creativity
  • Design
  • General life (every blog must touch on this topic :P)
Currently I'm reading a book called Cracking Creativity: The Secrets of Creative Genius by Michael Mikalko which is blowing my mind with great theories and techniques behind creativity and I look forward to sharing them with you along with whatever great things I achieve with them.

So for the umpteenth time, good luck to me and my blog!

P.S. A note to self, right now, I'm using blogger's ready-made templates after a few failed attempts to properly use my own template. I realized I was wasting a lot of time waiting for myself to create that perfect look for my blog while ideas were clogging up my notebooks (my beautiful Moleskine Planner :)) and I was slowly getting more and more discouraged to even create the blog at all.

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