16 November 2011

The Kuala Lumpur edition

Greetings from 739572075203 feet above ground. Yes I'm writing this on the plane on my way to Kuala Lumpur to be one of the comedians in Kings and Queens of Comedy Asia 2! Woah! I am still trying to register that I'm part of this line up!
Things have been hectic, but then again that has become the norm for me now.
I've found myself all over the place in the last few days, from flying to Singapore for a quick Comedy Masala set, to getting stopped (yet again) at customs at the airport, to getting stuck with a slow driver who managed to make me almost too late for my flight, to working late hours, to getting sick with the flu (this time with a madenning headache), to finally enjoying some "peace" on the plane.

In the last few days, I came across a video and an article that talked about something I've been experiencing and enjoying a lot lately. The idea of just living each day to the max without always worrying about the big picture. As the year comes to an end, I look back at everything, all the little things I did and I realize I'm happier like this. I'm better at accepting failure when I realize it's just a small dent in my day rather than an obstacle in my way of achieving something really big in the future. I'm also better at making myself do things because I don't feel the pressure of something really big associated with what I do, so I just do it the best I can.

Last Saturday, I was invited as a "book" at a "Human Library" event, where youngsters can borrow me for 45 minutes and talk to me about anything. We talked about exactly that -- anything. From what flavor ice cream to what it's like when other Indians find out I barely speak Hindi? It was really nice because these youngsters had open ears and a wide curiousity that they were ready to fill, but not with whatever they could scrape. Then Sunday I MC'ed a city-wide-amazing-race-like event and got to experience Hong Kong's SKY100 (a 360 degree view of Hong Kong) which I must say was extremely impressive. It made me fall in love with Hong Kong even more! I've been asked if I like Hong Kong and I've always answered yes. It's a game that you need to know how to play if you wish to enjoy it. The other night, speaking to some other comedians, one of them mentioned that you can never fully experience Hong Kong. And it's true.

I've also been watching Derren Brown's TV Show "Experiments". Absolutely fantastic and I love the guy! I've (kind of) read his books and love his shows showing how humans are really beings that can be manipulated if played the right way. It's quite spooky when you think about it, how he's able to get his subjects to do things by his command. There must be people out there using this to their benefit. I just feel bad for the poor souls who get caught in the dirty side of this mix.

Well 2011 is nearing an end and if you have any loose ends to tie up, it's time to get moving. I've got a bunch of reading to still do so I better catch up on that and just go over some comedy ideas I had. See you at the shows! If not, have a lovely week! I know I will (try)! :)