26 October 2017

Boxes galore!

So the good news is I can walk again, but not fast and still with a limp. But at least I'm technically mobile and my life isn't on the bed and on hold. Phew.
The bad news is I'm 1 week late for everything and I'm living out of boxes at the moment and man it sucks big time because the only thing I can think of doing now is clearing boxes. My life is in chaos and everything is out of whack. As in all my systmized processes, etc. all are out of whack. I have been missing pretty much 90% of my routines and have lost all motivation to work out (not to mention that motivation being replaced by junk food).
Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed or unhappy, things are great mood-wise, but it's like I have this big-ass life project I need to sort out before I want to take on or move forward with anything else.

Anyone who has worked with me knows I hate unifinished business and until I get back on my routine track and have my systems back in place, this is one big ass unfinished business. Oh and now, all my wires are not managed which is another thing that is driving me nuts. The absolute last thing I want to see if a bunch of wires all over the place.

Well the good news is, my essentials are back in place and I am super grateful I can walk again. The weather's getting cooler and I can see daily progress. Just annoying that I know my potential speed but being partially disabled at the moment is totally killing that pace.

I figure in 10 days' time I'll be back to normal, so I better be all chirpy by the next entry :P

15 October 2017

Crap, I can't move

So this is what happened. Feet vs nylon strap. Nylon strap won.
So Last night, while packing, moving, organizing my stuff, I decided to hastily move from one end of the living room to the other and my foot decided to test its powers with a thick nylon strap that sticks out from my bag and BOOM! *CRACK* and 2 seconds later I found myself on the floor clutching my toes... it's been 24 hours and I can't put any pressure on my foot, I can't walk and basically I'm stuck here sitting on the bed with my foot up.

These are the moments you realize the small small things you take for granted. I guess it's a reminder to myself to remember to be grateful daily.

Oh fully functional foot, how I miss you so.

Enjoy your next 10 days, lots happening, lots happened and I guess hopefully this is that climax of madness before the fantastic resolution at the end with all the good news and happy ending....poof.