30 May 2015

Back on track, back to chaos

Finally, I feel like I'm back in Hong Kong. Basically, I'm mentally back on track with my life. Which also means the chaos that my life is, is back on full-scale. Somehow I find myself going through a full day, running through my long list of to-do items, my schedule and basically powering through what I had planned.
Ever since I returned to Hong Kong, I have yet to have a day where I could end it and go "well that perfectly smooth...." because if I did have a day where it went fully according to plan, I'd probably get suspicious. I don't know if it's a case of the Hong Kong mentality (ie. "it's too good to be true") or just never having a day that went well so when it does, I'll be expecting a storm! Ahaha.

In a way I guess I'd probably miss the madness if it ever stopped. Recently, I've been doing a lot of very extremely different things, from entertaining rich social groups to going to schools and centres for the underprivileged and man, I can only say, it is mind-blowing and actually quite tough to deal with when in a 24 hour period, you can go from one end where people basically live in a world of luxury to people who live in a world of survival.

To be honest, it just makes me appreciate what I have even more (no, I'm not talking about the life I have). I'm talking about the fact that I can actually go into both these worlds. It's like an experience in itself. Very cool. In a way sad, in a way just very human.

Anyway, time to dive back into the chaos, but thought I'd share this :)

18 May 2015

Dark chocolate

If you ever get a chance, go get this:
It's one of those things that gives you a kick and tastes oh so good. Ah my weakness, something that gives me a slight little kick while still satisfying my forever-craving for dark chocolate.
Yes, I said it, a forever-craving. I have literally not had a point in my life where I said "that's enough dark chocolate for me'.
Enough chocolate? Yes.
Enough dark chocolate? No.

There's just something about the bitterness of dark chocolate that does it for me.

Anyway, so the dust has settled and I'm finally in Hong Kong without any more travel plans for this month. Things have been absolutely hectic with my catching up with work and dealing with personal issues.

I've also come to realize that as time flies, so does my age and as I'm getting older, I'm starting to get weird pains. Recently I've been getting cramps in my thighs (like I used to when I was a teenager, like growing pains). If this is some sort of delayed growth spurt, that'd be hilarious for stand up comedy, not so funny for my wardrobe. I own only 1 pair of pants ahahah :P

I had these cramps really bad while I was in Kuala Lumpur that I would wake up throughout the night just having to stretch and massage them before I could get back to sleep. Oh well, at least things like these make me appreciate the days I have when I'm lying in my own bed.

Speaking of KL, let me just say, it was an absolute blast, not only hanging out with the comedians there (which oddly has become such a casual thing now where it's like my coming to KL is like no big deal ahaha) to performing. They had the all-out 1-year anniversary show on the last night of the celebrations and basically showcased the absolute best of the celebrations. I must say, I was nervous in my heart because I wanted to do good amongst such high-level comedians, but at the same time, I was so goddamn excited to watch all these guys just bring  their A+ game! It's so much fun being amongst top quality comics because it forces me to evaluate and re-evaluate all my bits to make sure they are at least on par with the night.

I had a good set which ended the first half of the show, then enjoyed the 2nd half. After every night, we somehow end up eating absolute trash (read tasty food). Food there is so cheap and I have to say, so many parts of me still get confused as to how people can eat this on a regular basis! But I guess after my Melbourne trip, I get why many expats come to Asia and wonder how we can survive on certain things in our diet. I guess it's just a matter of normalizing yourself to the situation. Much like how it took me a few days to get used to HK's air quality (both pollution and the thickness of the air) after I came back from Melbourne, I guess even my diet has gotten settled now.

Speaking of food. If you ever visit Kuala Lumpur, try their tissue roti and roti bomb. Every nutrition's nightmare but every food lover's paradise. If you're in Singapore, try their sting ray. If you're in Hong Kong, well let me know I'll tell you what to eat. And if you're in Melbourne. One word. Meat.

Alright, so I've finally settled back in HK and gotten back into the grooves of things. Other than the occasional look at things like free-range chicken breast and the random thought of putting butter and sugar on my bread (similar to roti bomb), I'm back to normal (by normal I mean the normal madness that is my life in HK). Comedy-wise, I got to enjoy watching the always-legendary Paul Ogata (one of my absolute biggest influences!) while he was here for the weekend, I'm back to working out and my work is never-ending.

Ah Hong Kong, you never bore me.
Anyway, like every HongKonger, it's late and I should be asleep yet I'm staring at a screen. So happy next-10-days! :D

02 May 2015

Crack the house in KL

Well reality is exactly that -- reality. Having been back in HK, then headed out to Cebu for shows then back and just catching up on work has definitely put me back to the world of reality.
So I'm actually writing this on my plane ride to Kuala LUmpur for a set of gigs this weekend, looking forward to it. But what I've found is I've recently been having a tough time just taking a moment to focus on everything or relax my mind. It's mostly because being back in HK means a tonne of stuff to do, but also that I haven't actually had a weekend/day off in the last 5 - 6 weeks. I mean my weekends have been comedy packed and even on my days off in Melbourne, I would still be busy working/walking around the city and stuff...

Well, it'll be a week before I get to enjoy a Sunday in my room but heck, it's going to be a crazy week with comedy now and then work once I'm back.

I guess I can only take it as a good sign now that I'm literally as busy as I can possibly cope for this long period...at least I've noticed another threshold in my life.

Anyway, here's to a bunch of awesome shows in KL and more to come when I'm back in HK!