19 March 2016

Saturday night live!

OMFG, so it's Saturday night and I finally have a chance to sit in my room and just...well just do my own stuff without trying to cram stuff in.

I'm at a crossroads, do I watch a movie or play computer games tonight? I've actually been very good today and worked the whole day, accomplishing a whole bunch of stuff and now I don't know what I deserve. Ahah. Right now I'm edging on movie because video games means I'll need to plug my gamepad in and set things up....yes I'm feel extra lazy tonight mostly because I've been extra hardworking recently.

So how is everything with you all?
I've got 2 weeks before I head over to Melbourne for the comedy festival, and things are getting pretty hectic here because I really want to finish whatever I have on hand so I can go in peace. I'm super duper excited about all the food there! The last time I was there, it revolutionized the flavor of eggs and chicken for me, to the point I literally spend extra bucks just to enjoy Australian chicken here in Hong Kong (it might just be a psychological thing but somehow it tastes different!)

On another note, it's been a very fruitful last few days, gigs, projects and a whole lot of running around. I've had days where I spent as much time traveling as I did working and other days were just me going absolute bonkers trying to get stuff crammed in in time. The good thing is, tomorrow is Sunday and once I finish my weekly chores, I'll be able to properly sit down and....do my own stuff.

In the last few days, I had the honor of being featured twice on Apple Daily! Wahoo!
Here and here. One's about the venue where we have our comedy shows (it's a cafe/community) and the other is a profile about non-Chinese (mostly South Asians) in Hong Kong who consider themselves a Hong Konger.

As with anything in life, you'll always have a few haters, but it's understandable, everyone's got their opinion on things, but hey, I've learned to realize that at many times, you need to stop and listen to your gut and your heart and know your intention, then you won't need to worry about what people are accusing you of, since you know what you're objective really was.

Oh and did I tell you I've been doing this insane kettlebell circuit that totally smashed me the first time I tried it?
10 x kettlebell swings
10 x kettlebell snatch
10 x kettlebell front squat
10 x kettlebell clean + press
10 x kettlebell push ups
10 x kettlebell rows

The first time I did it, I used 2 x 12kg kettlebells and died by the end of 1st round ahah..
Now I'm able to go with 2 x 14kg kettlebells and struggle in the middle of round 2! Wahoo! Oh and when I come back from Melbourne I'll get back to my olympic lifting training again. I've been comparing my flexibility from a year ago and I've got to say, I was a tight weakling 365 days ago ahaha...at least for the basic things that I was struggling with.

Oh and I think this yoga thing I'm doing now has become a habit. It's not longer a new discovery but an understood part of my regime.

OK I'm rambling on and on now because my brain is thinking "so game or movie? Game or movie?!?!" I feel like a kid in a candy store where everything costs $1 and I only have, you guessed it, $1! Nooo!!!

Well enjoy the next 10 days and try something new for a change. Like use chopsticks with your left hand if you're right-handed and see if food tastes different? It's been fun doing some random stuff daily and getting back into my routine of just doing random stuff ...just because.

09 March 2016

The blog be old y'all! 9 years and counting

Woah, what?! 9 years old!? Are you serious?! Man, who would have thought this would have lasted so long!

So how are things with you? Now that I'm in the habit of listening to Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, it's given me a new motivation to just check into my blog every 10 days (or now and then since I'm late again ahahha).

So this last weekend were my Cantonese one-man shows...which were awesome, 4 shows back to back over 2 days. Different crowds, size, style, characteristic, and pretty much everything was different for every show!

And recently a video interview I did on Facebook has started going viral because people liked and agree with what I said... can't seem to embed it here, so here's the link.

Nice stuff as a lot of people agree with me that Hong Kong is a mindset/mentality rather than a race. I really have always felt that about this place, you're either a HongKonger or you're not. It's like that song Empire State of Mind.

Well in the last 6 months a lot has happened. I've gone from being super duper busy, to being super duper happy to being super duper heart broken to being where I am now. I guess life is like that, emotional. I've learned to try to draw the line with my work and step away from work. Even though technically it's after 12am now and I told myself "I will stop after 12am", I've realized what I enjoy is tending to my own stuff for around an hour before I sleep..rather than just shut down and watch comedy for an hour...

On a new note, I've been also focusing on balancing my fitness where I don't just focus on one thing like speed, but also strength. I've come to realize every sort of sport/exercise has its use in the right situation. Also, with the type of training I've been doing, I'm definitely an explosive kind of guy. The other day I had to run to the gym to catch a class I signed up for last minute and basically exploded out of the train and to the gym. I was kinda shocked at my ability to make sudden turns and zoom pass people (no not parkour style), but I did get tired quickly, like by the time I was halfway there, I had to slow down and catch my breath!

Also, I've been attending open mic nights a lot more often and have been working on a tonne of new material which I got to use happily at my recent Cantonese one man shows! Wahoo!
I'm going to go watch Margaret Cho live tomorrow and hey, I'm expecting nothing, that way I won't be disappointed either way :)

Other than that, things have been same ol' same ol'. I'm just trying my best to stay balanced in both physical and mental conditions. I say this with a slight headache after I indulged in a very, crazy, heavy double-patty burger today (Oh I treat myself on tuesdays where I take half the day off....). To make this even crazier, this was after I took my first ever yoga class....so an hour ago I was trying to go into my soul, connecting with the world and my breath, and an hour later I'm slapping down greasy burger buns and hot sauce..... yep, sounds like a proper Tuesday to me.

And lastly, I've found a new passion for Chicken breast and satay sauce. I don't know what it is, but I literally go bonkers when I get to bake chicken breast and enjoy it with satay sauce for lunch and dinner. I'm so looking forward to my time in Melbourne because trust me, there will be a lot of fancy meat eating where everything is grass fed, organic, bla bla bla....it's the only time that price tag is justifiable.

Anyway, so here's to another fantastic 6 months ahead and a wonderful next 10 days before I pop in to check in on ya! Otherwise, see you at the front row, or the gym, or the plane, or wherever we see each other.

Time to relax as I end my day :)