15 October 2018

Next station...next post!

Hello hello! How's it going? This is going to be a very quick entry because Im on the train at the moment and I'm rushing a few emails before I head back home, pack up and head to the sack. Got a long week ahead but just an update that after a whole 6 weeks of non-stop work, stress and eating absolute crap.. I'm finally human again.

Unless I don't get enough sleep tonight and end up a zombie tomorrow, then we're back to square 1...eek!

Enjoy the next 10 days, I'll be back, so much has happened :P


Anonymous Alistair said...

Reckon it takes more than a day to recover from eating crap if you are no longer 21.

15 October, 2018 08:06  
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22 December, 2018 22:04  
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