04 October 2018

Laughing is done

Well the Laugh Festival is officially over and boy was it a blast in both the history books of comedy in HK as well as the amount my brain can handle. I am still quite burnt out from the whole thing but heck, it was awesome we pulled it off! Not to mention I got to do back to back English then Cantonese shows at the start!

So how are things? I'm so busy catching up it's literally not registering that we're already in October. I've got a packed weekend which is not a good sign because that means I need to catch up twice as fast before next week starts!! Yikes!

Well this is going to be a quick one because I've still got 30 items on my to do list that I really want to get done before the clock hits 12am and I force myself into bed so I can get enough sleep for one. I've been running on insufficient sleep for almost the whole month of September and I can feel it wearing me down a lot faster these few days, though I'm getting better now that the festival's over.

Good thing is, I learned a heck of a lot during the festival, the details of running shows over and over again, handling people and manpower, dealing with sudden changes (eg. we got a T10 typhoon which wrecked one weekend's shows!)

And now I have a couple of weeks before my other madness begins! Good thing is, my web business is pretty much off and I only have 1 small project on hand before I can finally properly shut down my projects to do list and put 100% attention on developing comedy and hopefully even be able to sit down and write some stuff!

So here's to a fantastic next 10 days, I hope by then I'll not only be clear of my backlog but also be well rested so I can tackle the remainder of the year! Looking forward to all the crazy stuff the next few months have in store for me!


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