10 June 2018

Bwahaha insta-kilo-gram!

Bwahaha OK so I think I've officially gone a bit obsessed with instagram. Ever since I finally organized my photos with Adobe Lightroom and finally got all my Camera Raw settings sorted, I'm having a lot of fun sorting through and developing photos. I recently had to play a role in an upcoming ad for Madame Tussaud's Hong Kong and got to go through their whole venue and let's just say, I like to play with their venue more than look at the wax figures.
So I was totally blown away by the room for Yayoi Kusama and had to take a photo there. Luckily I had my trusty tripod with me so I could play with it.

ahahha along with a few other ones I'll be posting over the next few days once I get a bit more time.

So how are things everyone? I hope the last 10 days have been better to you than they have to me. I finally had an hour to organize my room and my desk is finally back to being acceptable!! Ahhhh!!!

But my workload hasn't reduced much, but at least it's managable at the moment... I bet once tomorrow comes round, it'll be insane again. I hate it when my weekends just zoom by with ad hoc issues to deal with.. seriously, how does stuff just keep popping up for me like this?!

The good thing is at least I'm feeling a bit more sane now and playing around with my photos really lets me let out a lot of frustration from work. Never realized the ability to "create" is like a way to vent for me. Just like I would, say, going to the gym or (back when I did) play drums. Very cool.

So I've developed this new and very bad habit of eating chips before i sleep. I don't know why, by the end of the night I have this insane craving for chips. Maybe I've somehow made it into part of my sleeping routine, sigh, and I've started to drink a lot more coffee now. Both are things I don't want to be "addicted" to. I mean enjoying is one thing, but feeling like you're incomplete is an addiction. Sigh.

I have no travel plans or needs for the next few weeks which is a great sign because that means I can finally get myself back on track or at least back on a track of good habits. This chips eating habit has to stop (tonight? Eeekk.. maybe tomorrow? Ahaha).

Well I did let myself go crazy last week and play like 5 hours of Dungeons 2 which was awesome but man that game can really soak up time fast. I just remember looking at the time and going OMG 2am!!?!?! EEEK!

Well things are coming together and I'm focusing on a lot of things. One of the newest things is trying to figure out how to best organize my video footage as I've gathered a large chunk of videos from here and there and want to try to categorize it properly. I have 25 days left in my trial of CatDV and so far so good. I mean it looks like a heavy duty program with a tonne of functions, I just need to see if it fits my needs before I fork out a large chunk of cash (ah software, how can you burn up so much of my money?! I can't even "touch" you!!!!)

Anyway, back to my to do list, just wanted to check in. Don't forget to follow me on instagram if you want to see the behind-the-scenes world in my head in a more visual way. At least it's a cool outlet for me to just challenge myself purely visually where I am trying to see how can I be both model and photographer in many different situations. Heck, at least it's 2 birds with 1 stone *cough* no budget *cough* :P

Alright, enjoy your 10 days, I'll see you all soon!


Anonymous Alistair said...

How did you make your hair look like that? You are committing two cardinal sins there mate. Take it from someone who has no discipline. First, don’t buy crisps or any other junk food. No cravings if you don’t have them. Second, don’t play video games. You get so many hours back in life. Trust me.

17 June, 2018 00:21  

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