24 March 2018

Thank you broadband

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after almost a week of painfully slow wifi (I'm talking inability to load YouTube and downloading at 3kb/s).. It's so good to be back on land, in the world of proper wifi. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper internet, I had to delay my work until I returned to. Hong Kong and the last week has been absolutely chaotic for me. It's Saturday and I'm still feeling jetlagged! I didn't even change time zones?!

Well how are things? I've got around 1 more week left in Hong Kong before I head down to Melbourne and get ready for the awesome madness that is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Super excited about our shows but also quite nervous as I really don't want to fall out of any health regime I'm trying to get back on to. Last year while in Melbourne, I was so busy I had to give up on working out and it took me almost a month to get back on track when I got back to Hong Kong. But don't get me wrong, I will be eating a whole lot when I get there. That is certain.

Anyway, other than trying to get back on track and get my life sorted before I leave ol' Kong, I've been researching about cameras and man the Canon 80D seems to fit all the things I've been looking to do with a camera. I'm so tempted to get it but I realize at this point, another toy is not what I need, but perhaps learning more about video editing and effects. I've pretty much got the general use of Adobe Premier down, now on to after effects and let's see what crazy videos I can put together.

Ah I'm ranting because im on the train on my way to go teach in Tuen Mun and it's a good 1 hour journey. Well let's see how fast these next 10 days go bye. I'll check on in then and see where the hell I physically and mentally have reached lol.


Anonymous Alistair said...

Comedy festival and Commonwealth games. Melbourne has it all.

03 April, 2018 09:17  
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Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Alistair, you're right. Though from my talking to people around here, most everyone isn't watching the Commonwealth games oddly :P

07 April, 2018 14:24  
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