19 February 2018

3 comedy + 2 improv shows...Kung Hei Fat Choi?!

Well first of all, it's Chinese New Year weekend! The one time Hong Kong totally slows down and people are in happy spirits to give away money!
Each year we try to do a special Cantonese comedy show around this time, last year it was the last day of the new year and we got a full house, this year it was the 3rd day of the New Year (the day where arguments are supposed to happen) and we managed to put together a string of 5 shows back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back! The longest Cantonese-only comedy show streak we've done ever! Not to mention, 2 of those shows were 1 hour full improv comedy shows, a milestone we've worked really hard at trying to make possible.

The cool thing is, each show bring a different vibe of an audience. You've got the family-oriented audience that already comes in with a smile. You've got the rebels who come in leaning back against the chair looking around thinking "hmm...what should I expect?" and you've got our favourite, the audience who's been here, enjoyed themselves so much, they brought a friend to come enjoy it again with them. Sometimes that makes us feel the best, that someone felt our shows were good enough to act as a volunteer salesperson and sell it to their friends. Word of mouth is powerful.

Well it's CNY and down to the 4th day now, it's the last day of a string of public holidays. It's been a good few days, as usual, time always zooms by way too fast, but I've caught up a lot on my work. I head out to India in a few days for a string of shows there but otherwise, February is pretty much "over" for me. I'll be in India for the rest of that, before returning to HK and boarding on a cruise ship for a week, come back and head over to Melbourne for the comedy festival.

Poof! Time is totally going to ZOOM by for the first half of this year!! WOAH!

The cool thing is, comedy is picking up which is great, the bad thing is so is my appetite for junk..oh man, the shirts are getting tighter, the food portions are getting bigger lol.

Well I guess in Asian culture it's good to be a little chubby, showing you have wealth to eat...so here's wishing everyone a fantastic year of the dog! Woot woot,....er... I mean woof woof! My year! Have a great 10 days and I'll speak to you when I'm in India!


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