28 January 2018

Hmm 2018, anyone there?

Somehow 2018 has started off...weird. We're almost 1 month into the year and for some reason nothing feels special. It might be that I'm pretty burnt out today but in general the whole year feels like it could be any other month. That it's the new year! Let's do this feeling isn't there for some reason. Perhaps I've done this new year thing like 35 times so I get it?

I can sense I'm burnt out simply because when I stared at my list of games (Wolfenstein 2 being one of them), all I could think was "ah I don't have the mental capacity right now to deal with this".... what?! It's Wolfenstein! Thankfully I didn't feel that when Doom came out around a year ago! Phew!

So today I finally got to sleep in a bit and had the day to basically catch up on things. It's been a wild last 2 weeks but one thing that anyone knows me will know I hate -- stale items on my to do list. I hate it when items are more than 1 week old. By then I just get so fed up with the item I prefer to just wipe it off my list altogether. Of course, that can't happen because it still needs to get done...and now...ever more urgently!

So how has the year been for you so far? Exciting? Same ol' or a real challenge? I've got a lot of exciting plans in my list but I need to power through all these other things on the surface before I can get to it. The good thing is some of my comedy clips and those of my other fellow comedians have kind of gone viral so it's pushed our comedy positions in a good direction! The wave is on and we need to ride it right! Good thing is we've been preparing for this day for a while so it's time!

I've got quite a packed schedule lined up till May 2018! Is that insane or what?! But that also means I need to get my stuff together so I can make the most of everything I've got going on. I'm super pumped about learning how to do proper video editing and also getting a bit more gaming in my life. I haven't played Street Fighter 5 for the last 2 weeks and heck even my workouts have been on and off a lot simply because of all the workload involved.

So I hope 2018 has at least been smooth sailing if not exciting for everyone out there. We're 1 month into it already !!!!!!! $@!$!%@Q$?!!!!!??! So yeah 11 more to go, can ya believe it! Well time to make the most of January at least :)

Have a good next 10 days and I'll see you soon!


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