17 December 2017

The final count down!!

Well here we are, the last leg of 2017! Man it's the end of the year already?!
Ah who am I kidding, 2017 has been packed for me, a lot has happened and I can't help but think "man so much has happened this year!" which is exactly how I like it!

So how is the run up to everyone's 2018? I've got myself in motion with all my routines and things I want to get kick started for 2018 so hopefully by 1 Jan it'll be "another day of good ol' habits" rather than "OK I hope this one sticks in 2018!"

One new thing I've added to my arsenal of habits is my daily Street Fighter 5 gaming/practice. Yes, yes, I know you're thinking "this doesn't qualify as a good habit/routine, otherwise I could just add brush teeth as an accomplishment". Well it's not exactly easy for me to pull myself away from work and just game, but when I twist it and consider it as a form of self-growth (trust me, it's been a week since I started this and seeing my progress of hitting fireballs each time vs. struggling a week ago is very satisfying). I guess that's the thing with me, I don't like doing things unless I know it's creating a positive value in my life. Perhaps it's overkill but I like the idea that everything I do each day is adding value to my life. It's a double-edge sword because when things happen and I feel I'm wasting my time, or my time is being wasted, it bugs me even more now since I actually have better things to do with my time...

2017 has seen me travel with comedy, grow with comedy and also seen HK experience its first ever Cantonese comedy festival so those were great points for career this year.

It's seen me move and re-start my whole life from ground zero with renovations and re-shaping my workspace.

It's been a year where I've been fit, then unfit, then fit, then unfit and now hopefully on my way back to getting fit again. Oh it's also been a year for me to accept my limitations in many ways (still struggling with this part). Like I used to have this big fitness goal but now instead of getting annoyed that I was getting stuck, I find that if I'm able to stick to a fitness regime within my schedule, that's good enough and once I have that going for me, I'll automatically add a new challenge like going back to my olympic lifting work. I thoroughly enjoy that and I think ultimately I enjoy a technical challenge. Which is why Street Fighter 5 is so fascinating to me. I could be just a basic gamer and play the game, or I could do daily practice routines and then combine that with some casual gaming. It changes it completely for me because every time I get whopped in casual online matches (let's jsut say it's 90% of the time now), all I can think is OK let's get back to training and then come back!

So here's to the next 10 days of 2017 and by the next entry, I should have my 2018 ready to rock and hopefully by then I'll be getting my ass handed to me only 89% of the time :P


Anonymous Alistair said...

Happy Christmas matey.

25 December, 2017 23:56  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hope you had a great one! :D
Mine was filled with anti-productivity lol

26 December, 2017 12:49  
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