02 September 2017

3 typhoons, really? This is normal to you?

So tomorrow's expecting to have yet another typhoon hit Hong Kong and that makes it 3 typhoons in such a short period of time, not to mention 2 on a Sunday. So thanks to the typhoon one of my gigs last week got canceled and the gig I have tomorrow is postponed....well the good news is I get an extra day to set up so many things that are going to happen in September/October related to comedy.
The bad news is, next Wednesday onwards, I'm going to lose my shit for 2 weeks lol.

So how are things? I must say I'm very excited because in October we're going to our our very own Laugh Festival here in Hong Kong showcasing the best of Cantonese comedy from Hong Kong and hopefully brings about a new wave and chapter for Cantonese stand up comedy in general! So much to do, oh my goodness, putting together the schedule, proposal, etc. like it's driving me nuts, but the good thing it's all the typical initial madness, once we get this sorted, it's the same thing but better each year...poof. Stay tuned guys!

So anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update, the last few days has seen me catching up a lot and so far so good...hopefully by the end of September, I'll not only be more stable, but I'll be 35! OMG I cannot believe it. 12 years ago I told myself I want to retire at 35.... I still have time lol.


Blogger Daniel K said...

lol I'm almost at the dirty thirty mark.

good things come in threes, I'm at a cross-road with my career... practicing my comedy material wherever I go.

04 September, 2017 03:24  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

I guess this is the time where you start sealing the deal for everything :)

04 September, 2017 10:54  
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Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

yep... i guess thats the one thing you learn as you age....things go faster and faster time-wise as you get older

18 November, 2017 12:57  
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