29 July 2017

Technically I was a good boy

So the HK Ani-Com Fair is going on and I have successfully not allowed myself to go for it (well I've never gone before) because I know they'll have some weird promotion or "limited edition" toy or game device that I'd be like "ohh I could use that". So pat on the back for me.

But I've been eating badly, sleeping late and not sticking to my diet or fitness regime, so slap on the wrist for me. I think I've found that at one time, I can only have 2 consistent items on my list. Basically things that need consistent attention/practice/discipline. Like I can practice my drums and work on my diet but then once I introduce a 3rd item like my fitness regime, things start crumbling. So in other words, it's at most 2 "work on this now" items at a time. Of course, with fitness and diet, this is a forever item, but I'm referring to actual practicing, like my olympic lifting. Once I want to work on that it requires consistent practice.

On a brighter note, it's Saturday and as much as I'm totally swamped with work, I can get some stuff done then lock myself down tomorrow and get it all sorted. It's been a whirlwind these last few days with so many sudden things popping up, and that brings me to my diet and fitness totally taking a beating. When I have a long crazy day, but the time I find the time, my brain is so fried even if I went to the gym I'd probably look at the dumb bells thinking, nah, there's no need to lift that. And when I'm at home, after a long day I keep thinking "I deserve a treat" and by treat it ends up being half a packet of doritoes (not the small packs!)

But nonetheless, I've become much more confident in dealing with this stuff, as in I know one way or another I'll get it done, just a matter of how painful or tough is the process. So #mature I guess?

I've also become a big fan of keeping up with the US news and politics, I feel bad for America, so many crazy things going on, but the more I follow the news, the more I realize why people can be so pessimistic about life in general at times. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "oh don't complain people"... I'm just saying for the sake of your own sanity (well my sanity), I have to try to look away and remember the good things that are happening. Heck, even simple things like "wahoo! I got the train immediately" jsut to make sure i don't end the day thinking, "why bother being here?!"

And well, hopefully in 10 days time, I'll have sorted out a lot of big issues and things stabilize a bit more for me.. seriously can't be eating like this, but oh fatty salty foods..why are you so tempting when I'm stressed out!!! RAH!!!

Happy 10 days guys!


Blogger Daniel K said...

Hey peng you, missing the train in Sydney can mean >10 minute wait for the next one. I thought that was bad until I went to Brisbane... wait almost 30 minutes. Then I went to Christchurch... no public trains! hope you're well!

01 August, 2017 05:11  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Wahah I remember when I was in Sydney one of the stops had trains every 28 minutes and I was losing my mind.... HK spoiled me like that.

01 August, 2017 17:29  
Blogger Daniel K said...

which station were you at? You must've been unlucky as they changed the train timetables and ridership has gone up in Sydney! I always carry my backpack (it's like my jetpack because I around with it anyway, literally) always have my books, CPD magazines, iPad... great use of time, multitasking can exist!

08 August, 2017 06:38  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

I can't remember which station I was at but yeah same as you I always have my laptop or my reading on my phone. I've been meaning to carry my Kindle around with me but leave that for before sleeping reading really.

I'd go nuts sitting on a bench staring at nothing for 30 mins!

08 August, 2017 11:02  
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21 October, 2017 00:29  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahah thanks

21 October, 2017 01:56  

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