31 May 2017

Where is the time hiding?

First, it's been 10 days already?! WHAT?! Got to say, the last 10 days have ZOOMED BY!
But all in all, very productive and so was today! Happy dragonboat festival to everyone! I guess you all got a good dose of lovely sunshine and a lot of paddling (either with oars or with beers?)

I did my usual catching up today and I am quite happy with all the work I did.
However, I do have to confess, this need to zero inbox does drive me nuts at times because my work never feels complete until I don't know what to do lol...

Speaking of not knowing what to do, well in the last entry, I said I should stop tempting myself with toys and figures, well I managed to avoid a lot of cool stuff like this very cool Japnese-ish-joker from Play Arts

But I do have to confess, I caved when I realized they are coming out with the 2nd edition of the Killing Joke Statue.

So I caved and ordered it. Oh and also some guy was selling his whole series of Adventures of Spawn on eBay and well.. at like US$100 I had to get it. It's spawn after all.... but now I'm satisfied and definitely no more toys for a long while.. or at least until I figure out how I'm going to properly honor and display them :)

Well we're hitting the halfway point of 2017 and I got to say, it's been an awesome year so far. Basically the usual madness but always ends up with something good.. no matter how dark or painful or stressful it is, eventually I survive and come out stronger, so I have to say I'm very, very grateful for that.

On the other hand, the last 10 days, as productive as they are, reminded me of 2 years ago when I was so busy that i didn't know what was going on, I was just on auto-pilot mode and basically powering through each day. Heh, guess I'm getting better at dealing with this.

Speaking of dealing with stuff, I got booked for a gig that I thought would be the usual stand up comedy gig, but the organizer of the event has one of these crazy obsessions with making sure I hit on certain key "messages" of the night during my act. I kept trying to explain to her that my job is like a little break/recess for the night so my job was to make people laugh more than actually deliver anything in what I say, but no matter how I tried, she just wasn't buying it.

It reminded me of those clients that hire a designer and they keep banning ideas until the designer basically goes with the design (no matter how bad) this client had in his/her head..ahah oh I remember those brutal days.
Anyway, all in the life of a comedian, you're bound to meet these people, well I'll do my best and hopefully get the crowd laughing so even if she's mad at me for not sticking to any of her "key words", the people will still be entertained. Just sad to have to deal with this, when you know it's better they give you your space to do your thing.

Well here we go, last day of May and this is it. Going to be filming on a tram tomorrow, so that should be quite fun, otherwise, it's back to the grindstone and make magic happen as usual.

Enjoy the next 10 days guys and hopefully I won't come back with another new toy I've caved to getting.....lol #1stWorldProblems.


Anonymous Kimmy said...

Your collection is just growing and growing. And I don't why but I picture that you will have them stored in a glass cabinet of sorts :)

04 June, 2017 17:57  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Bwaha oh most definitely, something like this would be most ideal.

04 June, 2017 23:05  
Anonymous Kimmy said...

Waaaah. That looks cool. I hope you have enough space ;)

05 June, 2017 04:56  

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