28 February 2017

10 years old. This blog is double digits!

So, this is a shock to me. My blog is now officially 10 years old. That makes me a pro blogger?! Well, no, that's the 10,000 hours practice concept. Anyway, so how are things?
The last 6 months (well 4 since I was 2 months late with my last major entry) has been a whirlwind of an adventure, but I have to say, after all the seeds I've been planting for the last 10 years, working on myself, my career, life in general, I feel like I'm in a really good place. OK so I'm writing this on the 1st day of a 5-day cruise gig I'm doing (and technically I only perform 3 days later so I'm 'on holiday' for 2 days!) and I just went for a workout, ate a bunch of really good food and am now in my room enjoying a bunch of music I have offline from Spotify (there's a playlist of game sound tracks and man it's awesome because it mixes horror, action, war, funky, etc. games so one moment I'm tapping my feet, the other moment I'm scared as I reply emails lol).

Lucky for me, I managed to totally focus in my hotel room getting essential online work done (because the internet is very limited on the cruise) and now all I have to do is my own stuff that can be sorted out offline.

So a lot has happened but a few things stand out, well it's only been 2 months but I've already done 3 cruise gigs so far, spoke at another TEDx event (this time at my old secondary school! What an honor!), worked out a bunch of stuff for our upcoming (high risk) run of 12 Cantonese shows in Melbourne for the comedy festival... did a bunch of awesome cantonese shows this year in different venues and I'm still searching around for more opportunities for that as well. So comedy-wise, it's happening, oh it's happening big time.

Fitness-wise, wahahah let's just say all these cruise ships means every meal is a buffet and well that's my kryptonite as in no matter how hard I try, when I'm at the buffet, an extra plate of dessert sounds A-ok....so last time I checked, I was at 14.7% body fat but judging from my recent travels, chances are I'm at 16%... I guess you win some and you lose some. But the cool thing is I'm much stronger than before and I'm getting better at my hand stands. I'm able to hold off the wall a bit more now but still need to work on it so I don't need the wall at all. Olympic lifting has improved and my general mobility has improved a lot so it helps with all my snatch/clean/jerk moves. In general, I'm enjoying my fitness routine and I'm at a point that I have a bunch of stuff I want to do. I've been reading up a lot about fitness in general, reading classic books like Starting Strength and others.

Web-wise, well this is up and down. I still have my old clients from before and I'm very happy working with them as we understand each other's rhythm in work so that is good. On the other hand, I totally need to update my funnyvivek.com and I've got all my files ready to work on this cruise ship. I'm re-branding everything and making the whole site up-to-date (looks and photos... let's just say I have less hair on my head heh). Also need to update our Viveknfriends.com website to reflect the new direction we're heading towards.

Well I got a bunch of travels lined up which means even my looking for a flat will havec to wait till May this year. We're only at the end of February and I'm already planning for May. Interesting, I used to plan like 1 month in advance but now it's like 2 - almost 3 months! Woot!

I've got a lot lined up for the next 6 months and I'm curious to see what happens in 6 months' time and where I'll be writing the entry from (so I've done it on the plane and on a ship, maybe on a train? A ferry? A helicopter? Or maybe finally back to normal on land lol).

I have to say the coolest thing in the last 6 months is that I've been invited to speak at many different events, from social groups of entrepreneurs interested to hear the business angle of a self-sustained/managed stand-up comedian, to schools curious to know how they can do something as bizarre as stand-up comedy for a career. The best thing of all this are the questions session in the end. Once the ball gets rolling, people have some very interesting questions that make me think a lot to make sure I know what I'm talking about as well.

Anyway, so now the ultimate questions, what will happen in the next 6 months? Well now I'm focusing on the next 6 hours and as I always seem to notice, time flies and before I know it, it'll be 6 months. Until then, bon voyage on your journeys as well!


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