24 December 2016

The year is done....kinda...

And that's a wrap for 2016 for me! Now that I'm in the last leg of the year where I have my final week to start my new habits (yeah I start it 1 - 2 weeks before 1 Jan so I'm already in the middle of the habit so it makes these new year resolutions easier to keep).
I am done with all my gigs and stuff and have a 4 day super long weekend to basicaly catch up on all my outstanding items for the year so 2017 isn't about "catch up" but more about "moving forward".

Well I just went nuts and bought like US$200 worth of comics now that Comixology is having a mad sale, all those stories I read when I was growing up in novel form (because I couldn't afford to buy the comic books, so I'd borrow the novels from the library) are in my collection so I can feel like a kid again. I got a tonne of video games to still play (namely Doom to finish) and a heck of a lot of TV shows and Netflix stuff to catch up on.

So yeah, this is usually my favorite time of the year as I close shop and count things off as I count down to a new year. So much has changed since 365 days ago and chances are if you told me about my present to my 1 year ago self, I'd have a hard time believing it (although I'd be super duper excited about it).

So here you go, happy what's left of 2016 and see you in 2017!


Anonymous Alistair said...

Happy Christmas mate.

25 December, 2016 22:48  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

You too! And have a great start to 2017!

26 December, 2016 10:59  

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