18 November 2016


So I'm typing this as I'm zooming (or vroom-ing if you may) to Macau in preparation for the Macau Grand Prix this weekend. Well not realy "in preparation" but to work at. Every year I work at the press room helping out with the press conferences where I try my level best to translate what the drivers said. The challenge really isn't the translation but keeping up with what they said and also writing it down as they're saying it. I'm not translating as I hear it, I'm translating after they're done. Yikes!
Oh and did I mention that I'll be awake at 5:15am daily? Yeah, you heard me right. The guy who dreads waking up before 10am will be awake and kicking before the sun comes out for the next 3 days. Double yikes!

So this week has been quite tough work-wise because I've been trying my best to balance things out as I have my sister in town so I wanted to make sure we could spend time together. Yet, no matter how hard I try to schedule things properly or accept/reject jobs, somehow things will always slam together at the same time. A week ago I agreed to do some filming stuff with a programme on Viu.TV and just yesterday someone contacted me to perform on the morning of that same day. It fits my schedule but seriously?! How is this timing so tightly?!

Well I've had to come to the conclusion that instead of fighting this and trying to "somehow make my schedule work for me", I'm better off accepting this and powering through this month so I can breath easy in mid to end of December..

The cool thing is from all the previous years' experience. I know this madness has to end eventually and at least this crazy super early morning routine will only last 3 (brutal) days. So I guess, see you in 10 days.. if I make it...
MWAHAHAHAHAAH!!! *lightning and thunder*

(PS. I wrote this on the ferry, but only uploaded this the next day when I had some decent wifi...)


Blogger essay writing service australia said...

Quite a tough schedule you got a man, but how you manage things is just amazing and a great lesson for many of us. Ans your blogs are just amazing too.

29 September, 2017 19:27  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

ahah thanks. Well the good thing I love what I do and I love getting stuff done. The perfect combo for doing stuff! :D

01 October, 2017 12:40  

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