25 October 2016

Oly, RomWod, TRX Rip, DmC, what?!

OK, so if the title made sense to you, you are clearly a fitness freak and keep up with all the latest trends available. Now the issue is this, I've started giving romwod.com a spin and so far I like it. If you've ever tried it, you'll know it's nothing more than short Yin Yoga sessions. So why are people paying like US$14/month for this?! Well the same reason you would pay Spotify premium vs. the free version. Because it makes life better/easier/nicer. I've signed up for a 7-day trial and so far after day 3, I'm liking this idea that everyday I have a short mobility workout waiting me to complete. I take 20 minutes out of my day and do it, feel good and move on.

So why am I talking about this? Because for the last few years, I have had the privilege of having Steve Maxwell's Encyclopedia of Mobility, which to be honest, is a killer set of videos that really works on mobility on a whole new level. Every time I do the exercises, I feel great and I tell myself "I need to make this a daily routine". I even cut it down to 5 - 10 minutes a day only doing one session at a time.

So why is it that I had such a hard time keeping up with Steve Maxwell's videos vs the RomWod videos? It basically comes down to SSDD. Same shit different day. What I find is that with everything in life, even if something works and works so well, eventually you get bored of it or it becomes routine and is hard to keep up without either the conditioning or the reward factor. Conditioning like I have to stretch after my workouts. If I don't even if it isn't the case, I feel tighter and stiffer. Part of this could be physical and the other part is psychological. However, after a while, even following The Ultimate Yogi, which is also kick ass, it all boils down to the freshness factor. I guess just the idea that something new is awaiting you daily is exciting enough for you to want to not only check it out but do it because now you don't want to skip a stone in your path (which works nicely in my dontbreakthechain.com thing I do, thanks Jerry Seinfeld)

Now, has it helped me? It's hard to say. I mean I read a lot of reviews and people are praising how they have opened up with the daily romwod exercises, but take away the branding and compare it to my combo of workouts and stretches/rolling/massages and I can't really say if it's beneficial. I'll be honest, I went to the gym today to work on my Olympic lifts and I was performing very well, so well I went to join a TRX Rip Circuit class afterwards and still wasn't lying on the floor dead. Did I just get fitter? It could be too many factors but what I can say is that the romwod idea wins only because of the freshness factor. Nothing's stopping me from going to youtube and following random channels with yin yoga sessions that give me something new, but in the case of romwod, it's structured.

And then it dawned on me, I have become one of those people that have hit a point in his life, he's willing to pay for someone/something to tell me what to do. What the hell?

And all the years of never understanding why people would pay so much money for vacations that involved tour guides, for wedding planners, for assistants made sense to me. At some point, you've done what you do enough that you don't want to do it anymore, you still need to get it done, but you don't need to do it yourself. Interestingly, I'm hitting that point in my life, perhaps I've done it so much that I feel my time is more suited for other things. So instead of spending 10 minutes to think of some new mobility exercises to excite me, I'd rather pay someone to do that thinking for me, so I could use those 10 minutes to do something else that I enjoy more.

Speaking of not using your brain, I recently started playing Devil May Cry, perfect button bashing gaming and 15 hours later of gameplay I finished it. Fantastic game, totally perfect for times when you're just so tired of working and want to do something other than watch a movie or comedy.
Thanks to that, I have now re-ignited my gaming addiction, which as much as makes me feel guilty at times, is a pleasant thing to have because at times when I want to switch my brain off but can't or don't want to because of that guilty feeling, a game is able to drain away hours of my life, just enough for me to subconsciously re-boot. Heck, it even works on my eye hand coordination skills, so for all you know, I might be improving on my Olympic lifting because my brain to hand connection has improved?

Either way, hopefully in the next 10 days I won't break the chain, I will improve on all aspects of my life and I will have finished another game in my steam library.


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