15 October 2016

Good mornin' Vietnam

Well hello there. I'm currently in Vietnam on board a cruise ship snuggled in the corner of my room in the crew cabins taking care of my to do list as I await the show manager to call me back to see if I have to perform tonight or tomorrow.

So the deal was I got on board today, received my welcome letter and it said I'll be performing tomorrow night. Awesome, tomorrow's the last night of the cruise which means I get to do my act, then they have the "Goodbye from the crew" segment where they invite people from different departments on board to say goodbye to the guests. Very cool to be the closing show of this trip.

I go out, indulge in some totally unnecessary feeding at their buffet, come back slightly regretting it and thinking "well I can go to the gym tonight" only to receive a call from the stage manager that the performers for tonight's show are having some technical problems and I need to be on stand by to perform. Eeek! I hate being on edge like this, not because I don't want to perform, but it's like "So? Yes? No?" and I suddenly feel shackled because I don't want to move forward with anything until I have this resolved.
I intended on taking advantage of the peace of the cruise while everyone else in out in town till tonight to slip in a bit of yoga and stretch out, but now it's like "...so do I shave? Or shower?" Hopefully before the end of this blog entry, I'll know. They said they'll inform me by 5pm and it's 4:59pm so fingers crossed (I'm leaning on wanting to perform tomorrow mostly because that was the original plan).

Otherwise, things have been good hectic recently, but now that I'm on the cruise ship, I'll be locking myself down and getting my work done since I don't really want to walk around much this time (it's only for 2 days and it's a smaller cruise), so other than the gym, the buffet and the stage, I'll probably be snuggled up in the corner in my room.

On my way here, I watched a documentary about eSports, it's so fascinating learning about these pro gamers and how they "practice", kind of makes me realize that even in comedy, it's really kind of weird how we practice at open mic nights or at real shows, throwing in new ideas just to test the waters. I love how it's so ab-normal in a way, because I'd hate to be in my room all day cranking out joke after joke, reciting it in front of a mirror until it's perfect.

OK 5pm, no sign yet. Well I did want to spend some time meditating on this cruise and hey guess what, this is perfect practice for my patience.

Anyhoo, just wanted to check in see how things are. The last few days have been up and down really so these 2 days on the ship will do me good (not my waistline though).

Oh, my olympic lifting has improved. Still struggling on dipping fast with the snatches, but cleans are going well, my body is properly coordinated. Snatch. You need to behave.


Anonymous Alistair said...

One thing I learnt about cruises is mainland people buffet etiquette. No it is not okay to have a taste and throw it back into the tray. You make it sound like you are special forces waiting to be deployed at any time.

21 October, 2016 16:14  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Well to be completely honest, I've seen people from all backgrounds with bad etiquette at the buffet so I can't point my finger at one group and generalize, but I must say, each time I'm on a cruise, I notice more weird behavior from people world wide, which feeds into my comedy writing :)

21 October, 2016 17:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you get a chance to get off the cruise and visit VN? It's a beautiful country :) The storm in HK today means I can't make it to your show, but was wondering if there will be more shows in the future, besides the 2 events listed on your page? Is it because you're out and about doing cool gigs abroad like this? :) (even if they didn't let you perform lol) I just moved to HK and found out about you randomly, so hopefully I'll get to see your show a few times before I leave in a year!

21 October, 2016 19:32  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Sadly both times I was in Vietnam, I was basically shipped from the airport to the cruise directly and since the port is so far out of town, it was no point going back downtown again...but I did manage to squeeze in a meal before leaving the airport which was awesome, so imagine how good the food would be in town!

Yeah I have events but right now a lot of them are private events at the moment. Hey it's T3 now and the show tonight is still going on. It's a good line up and I absolutely love performing with my fellow comedian Jason Leong from Malaysia and he's on the show as well, so you're in for a great treat if you come!

21 October, 2016 19:40  
Blogger Unknown said...

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16 November, 2016 17:51  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Oooh!!! You have just added a new item to my to do list! :D

17 November, 2016 11:00  

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