16 June 2016

Doom 4....OST!

First. Listen to this whole track.
This, by far, is the heaviest track of the whole DOOM OST and it has totally changed the way I work and work out for that matter.

Now watch this:

And tell me you're not super duper excited about the rest of the sound track.

... or is it just me.

Anyway, now with this music, it has completely changed the way I work. Turning my work into different levels within the game depending on what audio track is playing. So I've got the songs plugged into my spotify account and it plays randomly. When I hear something that is more subtle, I slow down and when it's an aggressive track like the BFG track, I work until the track ends..like super duper focus. You know what's strange, the more aggressive the sound track, the more I'm able to be in the zone. Oddly when I'm listening to more of those yoga-tracks, my mind tends to wander.

However, 1 hour of this and my brain needs a big break so in the long run, it feels like things balance out, but the over all experience of everything is much better.

And speaking of over-all experience, with this music, my snatches improved and so did my endurance while working out. Granted I've been mixing up my work outs and it could just be the strength gains I've had so far, but still this is definitely helping.

But I must say the last time I found music like this was either Spybreak in The Matrix:

Or The Quake 2 sound track:

Which brings me to the ultimate youtube video I've been enjoying so far.
Doom 4 to the Quake 2 OST:
I cannot get enough of this video! I am so ready to play doom but promised myself I will only get it after I build my brand spanking new rig in the future....when is that? Right now, no plans are in sight. Sadly.

Anyway, so here's to another 10 days of awesome working to this music. Let's see what happens with that in the next 10 days. If my improvements keep happening or I burn out to the intensity. Either way, it's going to be awesome!


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