24 April 2016

Wow the wrong detox

Hello hello! It's that time again and poof, I can't believe time has flown so much! The last time I was here was while I was in the air on my way back to HK (which I realize I forgot to publish until now..woops).

So upon landing in HK, I had 2 days to catch up with everything, and then I went up to Shanghai for a gig. I flew on Thursday and would return on Friday and I was prepared for the no Facebook, no Google experience. I had my trusty VPN Unlimited ready to rock..sadly while in China, it didn't work and that meant I had 2 days of no emails, facebook and youtube. Oddly, it sucked.
I mean, I've done days "without any internet access" especially while I'm on those funky cruise ships... but this time, it was tougher. I think the reason is because it was not my choice. I've noticed that given the same situation, if I chose to be in the situation, I'm fine with it, but the moment it's forced upon me, suddenly it's super duper hard to accept. I guess this is psychology 101 but it's a pattern I've noticed on myself a lot, in everything I do, from work to dealing with people.

So my time in Shanghai was interesting, but I was glad to be back in ol' HK mostly because I'd be out of home for so long I just needed to be here in the evening. In fact, in the time I've come back, I've had no evenings where I was home... so I'm totally looking forward to having an evening in tonight.

On a brighter note, things are very busy, the G-1 Fight Club show is out and rocking. It's awesome cos (I'm in it heh) and I got to see the whole filming process, the live fights and now the post-editing drama. OK so I can totally see how editing has such a big influence on increasing the level of drama the 8 female competitors had. But all in all, very cool stuff, especially since it's given me a whole bunch of new material which I could use last night at our monthly Cantonese comedy show! Thank you!

So I've got another 2 weeks of mad schedules before things calm down for me. I'm looking forward to that because after the mad eating and lifestyle in Melbourne, I'm totally ready to get back to my normal routines and eating habits. Ahaha, for the first week of Melbourne, I tried to be clean and stuff, but by the 2nd weak, I was stuffing everything into my face...the food there is so %$*$&#@$@ good!! ARGH!!!

On a brighter note, I've come to realize I very much like this go-go-go-go lifestyle. I mean, I'll admit, I burn out quite a lot from it, but during the 2 weeks in Melbourne when things were much slower, I realized it's great as a vacation but after a week, I'm ready to fill up my days a bit more because I hate ending the days feeling like I did nothing. As much as my yoga practice teaches me to "be" more rather than "do"....I've been working on "being in the moment" as I "do more each moment"...I guess it's just the way I'm wired?

Also, last night after our Cantonese show, I hung out with fellow comedian Daniel till 3am talking..it'd be soo long since I'd been in Lan Kwai Fong (the main clubbing/party district of HK) that we both had to get out of it after 2 minutes there..it was wayyyyy too noisy for us (then again, we weren't looking to party, but to talk). We ended up sitting on some stairs and chatting for a couple of hours... it's been so long since I just sat down with someone and talked friend-to-friend. Then again, Daniel and I knew each other since university and worked together on the university radio programme where we were talking total shit and had our own show of absolute bullshit...ahaha

So I got 2 more weeks before I'm going to go back to my olympic lifting training (finally!)...my mom's been learning and at 60+ years old, it's so awesome seeing her do that stuff. My sister's a power lifting and well I'm just an angry gym goer. So we're all nuts :)

Anyway, here's to another great 10 days ahead. Time to get my head down and power through it!


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