24 January 2016

Oh snap! I do yoga now!

Yep, and there we have it! Out of the 24 days of this year, 12 of them  had me do some form of yoga, which means a 50% rate and thus I have to conclude, my trying yoga is no longer an experiment but probably part of my life now. I'll be honest, it has helped me a lot, both physically and mentally, but it's strange how it's now something I look forward to doing on my off days rather than an item to try.

What do I mean by off days? Well this year has seen me take my fitness regime to a different level. I've been focusing a lot on things like jumping, agility, and basic functional training. I've become faster and more powerful than before, lasting longer in different circuits and also learning to become more explosive and supple. In a weird way, I now enjoy that burn you get when you exercise a lot... it's my mark of a "good workout".

On the other hand, comedy has been good this year. I've been writing a lot of new stuff, making sure I hit up some open mics to refine them before leaving it to the comedy Gods to decide if the audience will laugh.

I've already traveled to Kuala Lumpur and established my Tuesdays-half-day-off routine. So far so good.

Oh and did I mention, I don't allow myself to check/reply emails after midnight. So far out of 24 days, I only failed at doing that for 3 days. So far so good!

I guess with my yoga practice, it has kind of reminded me that every minute allows me a choice on how to spend it. Perhaps I could be running around, otherwise I could be worried about my work, or I could simply try my best to accept that whatever I used it for, was based on my best decision and abilities.

It's kind of allowed me to not end the day thinking of what needs to be done, but kind of think "well today was a good day after all".

I still get very excited about the next day and sometimes I'm lying in bed thinking "come on! Come on, let's go to sleep already!" because I can't wait for the next day to arrive and i get to do the things I am waiting to do (yoga being one of them ahaha)...

It's super duper cold in Hong Kong right now, hitting like 4 - 5 degrees celcius. I'm absolutely loving it, especially when I'm in a nice piping hot shower. Oh man, those moments make the cold worth while.

Anyway, so the last 10 days have been kind to me, still got a few bumps here and there, but realizing when to stop has definitely become a very good asset I have now.


Anonymous Alistair said...

You're only doing it to check out the birds from the back of the class yes?

31 January, 2016 07:25  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

No wonder most of the class is in "Child's pose" ;)

31 January, 2016 10:30  

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