01 January 2016

2016. Let's keep things simple stupid

Well, happy new year everyone!
2015, you've been a great year with me experiencing so many new things, like cruise ships, epic comedy festivals, lots of traveling and of course, challenges. I've learned a lot about myself and life recently and one thing I've realized is that I've had to go back to my roots.
They always say you learn your biggest lessons when you fail or get your heartbroken, well yep. After a crazy 2015 where I found myself on-the-go like 90%+ of the time, when it came down to it, there were times I forgot what really mattered, why I was even doing what I'm doing and my roots.

Having a bit of time to myself made me search through my soul, only to realize I was so busy focusing on the next actionable item most of 2015, I often forgot to stop and smell the roses.
I was trying to "get things done" that I forgot to ask if it's something that I even need to do.

Well reality, thank you for the lesson you gave me at the end of 2015. It was well needed so I had the right focus and mindset to start 2016.

Going back to my roots reminded me one thing -- KISS. Keep it simple, stupid.
And based on the way I'd been near the end of 2015, the focus is on stupid.

Anyway, self-bashing, as my good friend reminded me, does nothing so instead, I watched Fight Club to celebrate the beginning of 2016. It literally was the perfect movie to both help me get my blood pumping properly (it's a guy thing watching other guys beat the crap out of each other) and mind thinking (it's a dark movie about facing the different characters that make up a person).

What's that? You haven't watched Fight Club?
I know I was like 16 years late to watch it, but trust me, it's a movie worth paying 2 hours for.

Enjoy the trailer, enjoy 2016 and I'll see you in 10 days!


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