02 July 2015

The 6.5 year recap

So I figured I might as well share this.
Just yesterday, South China Morning Post had an article in their LIFE section about me. It took the angle of my going to different schools and different centres giving talks and sharing about my growing up in Hong Kong as an ethnic minority. Interestingly, the article was written by the same author who wrote a big piece about me 6.5 years ago when my comedy career had barely started.

The most interesting part was really seeing all the growth and changes involved (along with how I've aged/matured depending on you see it heh). Heck, all the things I'm doing now related to comedy were definitely not even ideas I had back then!

On another note, seeing as I had been hitting 5000 friends for a while on my Facebook profile page, I finally set up my Official Vivek Mahbubani (comedian) Facebook page. For all the social media freaks out there, I know you're thinking, "A, about time, B, twitter? C only facebook!?" hahah..baby steps people. I seriously find it hard to constantly generate ideas, keep up with the 573492057207 things happening on facebook as well as get stuff done... but hey, I guess now that I've got this ball rolling, it's just a matter of time :)

So er, if you haven't already....like it please?

Anyway, so like I said earlier this year, my goal for 2015 comedy-wise was really hitting up a lot of festivals and so far so good. But now that we're halfway through, it's time I look ahead at 2016 and work out the kinks to what I plan on doing then. I guess clearly, festivals will be on the to-do list, but I've been doing a lot of thinking about how I've grown and the way I should start writing my material. I don't mean the content or the sense of humor, but my method of writing. I've noticed that over time, I've slowly evolved into using things that work in my sharing sessions into my comedy routine! Oddly it's one of these weird things where I've flipped things around and what I find people seem to enjoy talking or laughing about, I start to put those discussions into my routine. At the same time, I've totally got more involved in social matters and less about my life, but more about how society is affecting me now. Very interesting transformation but a common one amongst comics when they hit a certain milestone where their history runs dry of funny stories.

Also, I have locked myself down for an English one-man show this year on 11 Sept 2015 (the date was purely coincidental), so it's time I get crackin' with material... so inspiration, you got 10 days to excite me. Otherwise, I'm comin' to get ya!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

always been a big fan, looking forward to your show in sept.
in terms of inspiration, i recently stumbled upon http://youtu.be/BKorP55Aqvg
hopefully you can make something out of it, if not, at least a laugh

02 July, 2015 22:47  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Bwhaha that youtube clip is every working person's worst nightmare. Heck, I've encountered many clients like that.... where everything is so simple yet only I'm the one who seems to notice the big gaping black hole ahead :P

Thanks for sharing!

03 July, 2015 00:15  
Blogger Daniel K said...


Here's a video that gives you a perspective of an Australian Vietnamese vlogger about Asians in media. Now that I think of it Natalie Tran barely makes fun of racism and I suppose it gives you an insight why we appear to be politically correct with racism in entertainment, but honestly speaking we do joke and can be very racist on the everyday level in Oz. Given how multiculturally diverse we are, just about everyone who isn't a gweilo here has experienced racism and it's only a very few people have managed to turn it into a joke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0yJYbCHw8o

Hope it gives you some ideas. Aside from the laughs that she generates, this video was a great insight that fans should let their celebrities know they enjoy their content because it's supply vs demand.

But yes, the article was so cool in retrospect. 6.5 years ago I randomly youtubed indians speaking Cantonese after reminiscing about an Indian receptionist speaking fluent Cantonese to me in Malaysia and stumbled on your video, and this year finally went to your show (so late eh?!)

03 July, 2015 17:55  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ooh very cool Daniel. I saw the videos, I think it also depends on your upbringing. A lot of things Natalie talked about about how she would be identified as certain characters in cartoons etc. happened to me. I have a joke that says when I played Street Fighter, if I didn't pick Dhalsim (the Indian guy), my friends would mock me and say I didn't love my country ahahah... and I'd defend myself by still kicking my friend's ass with any character I picked ahah..

I guess the way I like to do it is like Mr. Bean, as much as he's portrayed as the idiot, his crazy ways are ultimately what saves the day, making him the hero.

Ahaha nah, it took me so long to finally go to Australia...heck this was my first time in Melbourne, I've been alive for 32 years!

12 July, 2015 18:09  
Anonymous Laurence said...

Blimey you didn't pick Dhalsim? You were Guile? You could also live life more and generate stories. I would advise a Kick Starter fund to send you backpacking through the back alleys of ......

20 July, 2015 11:02  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Actually pretty much any character I picked in Street Fighter would end up with my butt being kicked by the 3rd round.... somehow I feel if that game had a keyboard instead of a joystick while I was growing up, I'd be better at it.. :p

20 July, 2015 19:40  

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