19 April 2015

The closing ceremony

Woah. I can't believe it. Today is the last day of the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I did my 1-hour Cantonese show titled "An Indian made in China" yesterday and it went absolutely great! I mean, I honestly was nervous because it's a new room, a new crowd, a new order of my comedy but it all went very well! :D

Then I got to follow that with Comedy Zone Asia! WAhoo!! Honestly, the biggest deal to me was the fact that I had around 180 people in the audience and they were loving it. It was such an honor to perform in the Melbourne Town Hall's Supper Room. The same room people like Milton Jones, James Acaster, Josie Long and Matt Okine have performed in this year. Like, absolutely insane that I got to enjoy that stage!

I have to say, this whole festival has been an absolutely fantastic run. I learned so much, grew so much and experienced so much. I feel like I've changed as a comedian with a whole new mindset and world of what is possible.
This time last year, all the Asian comedians are definitely coming back for the festival, but now we're going to make it even bigger because Asia has so much to offer with regards to comedy. I'm confident this is a whole new wave of comedy and I look forward to blowing people's minds away like my mind has been completely exploded during my trip here.

Well I have 30 mins before it's time to get ready and get out for my last full on meal (lunch) with the family I've had for the last 3 weeks. I'll actually miss these guys mostly because we all got to experience and grow like this together.

Anyway, here's to an even better next 10 days than I can expect! :D


Anonymous Laurence said...

rest and relaxation?

22 April, 2015 10:33  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Yep, well needed.

22 April, 2015 10:35  

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