18 January 2015

2015 has still "just started"!?

OK, let's get to some sort of agreement where we need to decide at what point it's no longer "Happy New Year" anymore. I'm still hearing people say and even email "Happy New Year" and we're more than halfway through January.. We're technically already 5% into the new year!

Anyway, so I hope 2015 has been smooth sailing or at least fun sailing so far. It's been interesting as I've had to deal with a lot of sudden things as well as accept that I'm getting older and thus colder where I no longer can power through the cold in t-shirt and shorts... I managed to get myself a fever last week from being in the cold too long...heh. So now I'm still dealing with a lingering cough.

So 2015 has been busy but not too busy, in the sense I'm not losing my mind (and sleep) dealing with things. One of my resolutions -- to play more computer games (yes, I actually made that a resolution) is coming well. I am totally loving my Razer Sabertooth game controller. Like it's ridiculous how much a controller has improved the joy of my games...especially racing games. I've found though, it's still not as good as a mouse + keyboard combo when it comes to first person shooters....but racing, 2D side scrolling games are 100x better with this.

At the same time I've started watching Walking Dead. Interesting show, just started season 2, have to say the acting is bad and some of the writing is quite corny, but heck,  it's zombies!! ZOMBIES!!!! But at 1 hour per episode, I find myself watching it at bite-size chunks at most....

So my quest to automate my phone has gone up another level, where I've installed GMD Gesture Control. Being able to record your own gestures and basically run them from anywhere is intense stuff.
So if you're all geeky like that, check out that app, very cool stuff.

Alright, it's lunch time and the weather is fantastic today..nice and cool but not rainy/humid! Better not waste it sitting here typing.



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