23 December 2014

The 2014 to 2015 edition

Ah yes, this time of the year again.
Well I'm going to keep it brief and just say with a smile that 2014 has hit 66% of my targets! Now you might be thinking "isn't that just above half only?" but mind you, I have come to realize that in a lot of things in life, if you average over 33%, you're pretty damn good! I mean, Michael Jordan's field gold percentage was 49%... and he's legendary!

Anyway, so looking back, 2014 has been a very, very wild journey but I'm glad to say it has ended well. I had a crazy few weeks before things finally settled and I'm able to breathe at a proper pace.

The only thing that hasn't improved, well hasn't fully gotten back to normal I should say, is my right ankle. It still swells up a bit every now and then and well luckily I'm able to still walk and exercise pretty normally, but no heavy plyometrics or high-impact things for that foot...oh well, I've come to terms with it.

Lastly, I'm trying to get myself to play a few more games because I've realized that my workaholic-style of living is never going to change or end and so I literally have to pull myself away from my work, or I'll always be hooked to it aiming to finish everything before I can stop.

So that's also one of my aims for 2015. Basically not reduce my productivity, but learn to better balance it. I've started to force myself to just drop everything at 1am nightly, and wind down. It's been tough mostly because I'm not used to this wind down phase, it's always been me watching 20 mins of comedy then sleeping, but now I force myself to either laze around, surf the internet aimlessly or basically watch comedy for more than 20 minutes :P

Either way, here's to a very Merry Christmas for everyone, a wonderful 2015 and ever growing greatness for all!


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