12 October 2014


So after 5 years, I finally sprained my right ankle again. Not saying that I had no injuries in the last 5 years (let's not forget my dislocated right knee cap...)..but spraining my ankle has definitely had an impact on all my plans. Then again, it's made me greatly appreciate my ability to be mobile, not just walking, but the amount of mobility I have in my life.

And now on to something more positive. So I'm heading to Los Angeles in a week's time to go perform at the Laugh Factory to compete in the Funniest Person in the World Competition! Honestly, I don't know what to expect, mostly because I am hoping I finish all my work on hand before I go so I can take this as both a comedy trip as well as a very, very well needed vacation. My sprained ankle has kind of forced me to take a vacation but more of an involuntary vacation where I am mentally ready and willing to do my work but my foot says "nope, you're lying in bed letting time tick away with your foot raised". At least today I'm able to walk at around 85% of what I normally do.

Also, if you haven't heard, Hong Kong's going through a very interesting time with the Umbrella Movement/Revolution/Occupy-Central/etc. whatever you want to call it. I have to say, it's quite sad to see how things are turning out and dragging on like this. I've been following the news, reddit listings, people's comments as well as the general views of people around me and I have to say, for a guy who absolutely hates people who try to evade responsibility, it's quite sad watching politicians/superiors dodge questions that are obvious during press conferences. I've never been a big politics-fan until now, seeing all the extremely grey areas in the way many situations were handled accompanied with the different things I've seen throughout my life. I fully understand many people who wonder if this world is fit to bring in new life into it. I mean, I've done gigs for high-level people where the minimum gifts exchanged were luxury items on one night and the next day I'm attending a fund-raising gig or a charity event where I see kids from lower-end families with lit-up eyes when they were given a simple certificate of appreciation for their work. It's bizarre how the world is all how you perceive it.

And now, I'm going to hope I can soon perceive my injured ankle as less of a nuisance and more of an asset. LA here I come (in a week!)


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