07 March 2014

The motivation marathon

First things first, play this song while you read this post.

Alright, now that you have that in the background, wait for like 30 seconds into it and tell me it doesn't feel like the perfect sound track to some sort of "COME BACK" scene, and now 30 second later, it feels like a "VICTORY" scene. Call me crazy but every time I listen to this song (which is my new pre-workout song), I'm all ready to go and feel a new sense of energy flow through me. Of course, this excludes the times when I'm hungry or lacking sleep (still 2 things that can totally defeat me).

So the last few days have been a great test of my endurance with me having to deal with a whole bunch of stuff that requires 100% attention/energy from me. I've had many long days and early mornings and man when you're fatigued, you're fatigued.

Recently I've been reviewing a lot of classic motivation videos that I remember watching a while ago and came across my favorite few:

I remember watching this and it's always been a reminder to me when I'm down to my last 10% of energy that basically, when you're in desperate need of something, you're going to find the energy to do it.

In fact, I recently re-finished Think and Grow Rich and basically it explains that everything boils down to the right mindset. I mean, heck, a few posts ago I posted a TED talk about how stress doesn't have to be the negative thing we think it is as long as we have the right mindset. The more I read books and the more I try to connect the dots, it all boils down to a person's mindset which leads me to realize believe that your day is going to unfold the way you expect it to. Kind of like how every morning I wake up to my daily affirmations and one way or another, I make them happen (As David Allen's GTD book suggestions, either you make the promise and stick to it, or don't make the promise so you won't feel disappointed in yourself).

Which brings me back to the song I asked you to listen to. That mindset of "COME BACK" then "VICTORY" is all a mindset. If I woke up today thinking "I am going to kick ass today!" then chances are I'm going to try to do things that lean towards kicking-ass. Because technically, there are many ways of kicking-ass. I mean, I could kick ass by clearing my room and making it super comfortable. I could kick ass by having a killer workout at the gym. I could kick ass by doing a great set at a comedy show or I could kick ass by simply running up the hell instead of walking. But with the mindset of I'm going to kick ass, it keeps the door open and me alert for any chance to kick ass. Which is exactly why they say Preparation produces opportunity and it's not so much about waiting till you're ready, but being in the mind set that you're ready for the opportunity when it comes.

Interesting as it seems like such a simple shift in one's thinking but of course, theory vs., practice are 2 different games. Well let's see how this mindset game sinks in for me for the next 10 days (or until I write another entry ;)).

Speaking of which, time to kick ass at dinner! MUNCHING HERE I COME!


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