12 May 2014

Kung Fu | Art | Life

Well if you haven't yet done this and are in Hong Kong, go check out the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art, Life exhibition. I recently went to check it out and I must say it was very fascinating reading hand-written notes by Bruce Lee. Love letters and sketches of ideas right in front of my eyes. It's interesting to see the way someone thinks through their notes and behavior.

I especially loved how most of the exhibition portrayed Bruce Lee as a simple man with a very focused objective. Growing up as a naughty kid, having problems with school only to find his interest in Cha Cha and Martial Arts (which made me wonder how many people saw Bruce Lee dance and go "look at that guy, look at how girly he is!", only to realize that girly guy could totally kick their ass!).

It's interesting as I have started noticing more and more people around me who are successful turn out to be semi-rejects or problem-cases when they were growing up. Their inability to fit in properly or stay within boundaries always caused grief for the people around them until they finally found a direction they liked and suddenly the inability to sit still transforms into this insane discipline. I've noticed that with myself. I mean I still have so many moments where I'm like a kid, acting stupid and childish, but when something I like is put in front of me, it's getting done big time!

Now this of course works both ways, so when I see a bowl of killer chocolate ice cream, the pain I had to go through in a previous workout suddenly vanishes and all I can think of is this bowl of ice cream is getting done big time! Ahah.

Also, for those of you who know me, you know that I'm not very much into real-life soap operas and politics mostly because I feel it's a waste of my time and energy but for some reason I've always had this strong need to literally walk away from such problems. Like it wasn't that I didn't want to face it or was afraid to deal with it, I just had this crazy need to ignore it. I always felt it was my weakness until I saw this:

When I read this, it finally made sense. I'd always wonders why it wasn't a matter of me seeing the situation, dealing with it and forgiving the wrongdoing, but literally I didn't even want to give it a second of my energy. Now it make sense. I see the issue, my brain automatically says "it's not worth even acknowledging, you're better off using your brainpower for other stuff" and voila.
Finally it makes sense.

Or maybe I'm ignoring the fact that I'm too busy to take revenge? Oh the soap opera twist occurs!

Anyway, just a thought I wanted to share and it's been 10 days so I figured, why not. And heck, if you feel that this was a waste of time, and you're smart about it, go ahead and ignore everything I just said :)


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