01 May 2014

On the fringe of comedy

OMFG. So much has happened since the last entry, I don't even know where to start!
First things first, let me just say that Asia is becoming one very, very funny place. I recently returned from Singapore where I attended and performed at the Singapore Comedy Fringe Festival. The trip was awesome (putting aside from the fact that I had an Asthma attack one night, ahahah, oh Ventolin puff, how I owe you my life, even though I haven't touched you for, what, 8 years?!). I got to catch Asia's top comedians including (But not limited to) Papa CJ, Jinx, Nitin Mirwani, G.B. Labrador, Jason Leong, Kavin Jayaram, the Indian laugh riot, and of course the killer Butch Bradley and Paul Ogata. Still can't believe they were performing on the same show....poof! 2 of my top favorite comedians whom I've caught live.

Also, for a change, I got to explore Singapore and even finally went to Universal Studios to walk around. The Transformers ride is pretty awesome but otherwise, it's a nice trip but expensive (at like SGD74!?).
Of course, for a few days I was living the comedian's dream, waking up late, hanging out with comics, waiting to do the shows, then hanging out some more. We all got to talk to each other and what I learned is that every region around Asia has a different style. I mean, I was the only representative of Hong Kong (although Nadim Rai, a fellow HK comedian showed up for a short 5 min. set) and I have to say, each region is strong in their own point. India comedians are crazy good writers, Malaysian guys have got the culture down with a mix if Malay, Singaporean, Chinese, Indian, Caucasian jokes. Philippines is my good buddy GB Labrador with his comedian's comedian style of humor. The ladies did a great job with Sharul Channa totally being herself on stage. I can't believe only a few years ago I was in Singapore performing with her and we talked outside the show about keeping things clean on stage. Well she's managed to keep it clean and be very, very edgy at the same time. Like she's a harmless woman with a bite!

Alright, enough comedy talk. Another piece of good news -- I am finally done with my Fitness First gym membership. After 2 months of mad commuting just for a work out, I finally can start using PURE gym in soho. Sure the price is like 3 times what I used to pay but after 2 months of wasting almost 1+ hr traveling to the gym, I'm done. I'm so done with taking buses, etc. I even gave working out in the parks a shot but it's just not the same. Not to mention I do enjoy a whole bunch of toys in the gym (like sandbags, etc.)

Lastly, May 2014 has begun, that is like a soft-launch of the year's half-way mark. Oh and it also means I'm going to have to start doing my damn taxes soon. Oh man do I hate that stuff, but lucky me, my daily accounting makes it an easy job when I have to put the numbers together. But still, it's freaking annoying nonetheless.

Well, today is also labor day which is technically a public holiday but you know me, these days are reserved for my own work (which is still work!). I'm going to be meeting the youtube-famous Carlos to film some stuff in the afternoon. Not really sure what, but it should be fun. He was kind enough to accept our invitation to our last comedy show so hey, this may be the beginning of foreigners speaking Cantonese in HK ;) Otherwise, it'd just be 2 foreigners speaking cantonese...with no audience heh.

Alright, and now for some snacks then zzz. Got 3 projects to finish before Friday hits!


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