02 January 2015

Automate to the new year!

Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope 2015 has kick started to greatness already for you all!
So far, the year has been great, but then again we're only 2 days into it heh.

In the last few days of 2014, I took it upon myself to not only make my life more efficient, but to make sure I combine enjoyment with efficiency and pleasure with productivity. So off I went with my little adventure and guess what, with my trusty OnePlus One phone, I began to explore the world of Tasker (I've had this app for a long time, but only recently really started breaking it apart), then later combined it with WemoManager (for all my Belkin Wemo devices) and then recently Autovoice and a few nifty IFTTT recipes. OK so I think I may have gone a little too crazy, but boy it's awesome knowing a bunch of things are now hands-free. Not to mention I'm saving a tonne of electricity as well on things like exhaust fans for my storage units. Speaking of storage units, so my QNAP NAS decided to die..well it didn't die, the power cable died and guess what, this particular model uses a proprietary power cable adapter so it's super duper hard to find a replacement and I ended up ordering one via eBay (still waiting for it to arrive)... oh man I hate proprietary stuff. I mean, I get it but man does it annoy me.

Now that I have my android devices all tweaked up, using my iPad has become quite limiting really.. not to mention I can't share all my Android apps on the iPad but the level of customization is very, very low compared to an Android.

So here I am, on the 2nd of Jan 2015. I can't believe it's already 2015, this number was quite a far away number in my mind a few years ago when I was first starting things, like my comedy career when it first started in 2007 (!!!).

Anyway, so here's wishing everyone an absolutely fantastic 2015, whatever happens, just make sure there are no regrets. Even mistakes, make 'em, don't regret 'em.


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