31 January 2015

Power snatch that thang!

OK so 2015 has been a year full of constant action for me. It started a bit slow but approaching the end of January and thing are in motion. I have 2 months, well 1.5 months before I head out to Manila and Singapore for the Magner's International Comedy Festival for my shows as well as competing at the Magner's International Comedy Festival Competition, followed by a month-long in Melbourne for the Melbourne Comedy Festival! Yes, this will be the first time I've been out of Hong Kong for literally more than 4 weeks.
I'm excited yet a bit worried about it, mostly because I've never been out for like a month! I mean looking back from New Year's day till today is 1 month and man a lot has happened!

On a brighter note, at least a lot of my work and stuff all falls within the dates I'm in Hong Kong, so I'm very glad that is working out.

So January has been a great month with myself working hard and staying on track with work, allowing myself a lot more play time than before (I've played games like Shank 2, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, etc.) with my kick ass Razer Sabertooth game controller (seriously, games with a controller are 100x more fun!)
When I'm not sitting back gaming, I've got myself hooked on to The Walking Dead along with a whole bunch of other comedy shows. And finally I've started learning different weightlifting/olympic lifting moves. Just learned the Power Snatch move.
Immensely addictive when you're practicing the technique of the movement, but very, very satisfying when you get it right.
But man, the month I'm traveling, I'm going to have to figure something out so I don't lose all the training I've done so far.

So it's hard to believe the month is already over, but it's been a good start to 2015 and I've already got some crazy things lined up for the year, so here's to having a great 10 days ahead for everyone and hey, if you haven't set out to learn something new, go for it, New Years is always like trial-run, Chinese New Year is when the real resolutions kick in, but as habits already!
God for it!


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