14 February 2015

So it's just gotten wild and adventurous

Well. We're basically 1 month away before I head out of Hong Kong for my longest overseas trip ever in my life. I've literally never been out of HK for more than a month at a stretch.
To top my comedy tour off, I won the Magners International Comedy Festival Competition in the HK division so I'll be representing this lovely place and competing against Manila and Singapore comedians.
Oh and I'll be having my own show, it's been a while since I did my own English show here!
So comedy-wise, March and April is going to be insane with my show in Hong Kong, going to Manila, then Singapore then Melbourne for the Melbourne Comedy Festival as the HK representative for the inaugural Comedy Zone Asia. To add a bit more sugar to this, I'm going to be having my own one-man Cantonese comedy show while I'm there! Just to test the waters and see what happens. So people, literally, come watch the show, I'm hoping this is the start of a trend of taking non-English speaking comedy shows to English speaking countries!

On another note, I've been super busy and when I get super busy, something has to come up, like, you know, a stomach flu! Since 2 days ago, I've been having stomach cramps and just basically feeling like crap (but no puking, phew) and it has totally cut into my ability to deal with my work and well, that means I play catch up even more than usual. I've had to lay off the gym for a few days and it's annoying because I totally wanted to practice my olympic lifts yesterday and today, but instead I found myself laying in bed resting things out. Well I'd rather get sick in my bed than in a hotel (ala my Sydney trip last year after one too many oysters + too much chocolate milk after that ;P)

So here's to the countdown of my time in Hong Kong, I'm looking forward to the trip yet have no idea what will happen while I'm away.... oooh la la!


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