07 April 2015

The festival of comedy

Hello from Melbourne!
I'm currently halfway through the shows at this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Let me just say, I've seen and experienced so much comedy in the last 2 week, my mind has literally blown apart, and re-assembled with regards to comedy, comedy festivals, shows, styles and even the culture of comedy.

All the comedians in the show, Comedy Zone Asia agree that this trip is more like a scholarship than just being part of the festival. The organizers are extremely nice! Like they actually want to nurture and grow more comedy! We've got to experience the daily rejection of flyering on the streets but that usually gets canceled out with a great turn out at our shows. We've sold out quite a few of our shows and everyone is very impressed and happy with the show's turn out. Granted, we're performing in the Melbourne Town Hall so that definitely is a very, very big advantage for us but man, this is absolutely so cool (yes I'm like a kid in a candy store, where comedy is the sugar ingredient).

While I've been here, I've been enjoying some seriously good food both at restaurants as well as from super markets cooking myself. I've definitely slowed down in getting my work done though, mostly because I'm limited to my laptop and I'm not always in my hotel room (and I shouldn't be). But anyway, 2 weeks left before it's time to go home and well there's so much to still be done... so let's rock it out!!!!!!

Enjoyyour next 10 days!


Anonymous Laurence said...

I hope you didn't forget Hong Kong is home,

09 April, 2015 08:22  

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