02 May 2015

Crack the house in KL

Well reality is exactly that -- reality. Having been back in HK, then headed out to Cebu for shows then back and just catching up on work has definitely put me back to the world of reality.
So I'm actually writing this on my plane ride to Kuala LUmpur for a set of gigs this weekend, looking forward to it. But what I've found is I've recently been having a tough time just taking a moment to focus on everything or relax my mind. It's mostly because being back in HK means a tonne of stuff to do, but also that I haven't actually had a weekend/day off in the last 5 - 6 weeks. I mean my weekends have been comedy packed and even on my days off in Melbourne, I would still be busy working/walking around the city and stuff...

Well, it'll be a week before I get to enjoy a Sunday in my room but heck, it's going to be a crazy week with comedy now and then work once I'm back.

I guess I can only take it as a good sign now that I'm literally as busy as I can possibly cope for this long period...at least I've noticed another threshold in my life.

Anyway, here's to a bunch of awesome shows in KL and more to come when I'm back in HK!


Anonymous Laurence said...

So you'll end up like Leno or Jon Stewart working 24/7.

08 May, 2015 08:21  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Let's see what lies ahead. Maybe by then you'll have a comedy stunt double for these gigs :P

08 May, 2015 14:13  

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