30 May 2015

Back on track, back to chaos

Finally, I feel like I'm back in Hong Kong. Basically, I'm mentally back on track with my life. Which also means the chaos that my life is, is back on full-scale. Somehow I find myself going through a full day, running through my long list of to-do items, my schedule and basically powering through what I had planned.
Ever since I returned to Hong Kong, I have yet to have a day where I could end it and go "well that perfectly smooth...." because if I did have a day where it went fully according to plan, I'd probably get suspicious. I don't know if it's a case of the Hong Kong mentality (ie. "it's too good to be true") or just never having a day that went well so when it does, I'll be expecting a storm! Ahaha.

In a way I guess I'd probably miss the madness if it ever stopped. Recently, I've been doing a lot of very extremely different things, from entertaining rich social groups to going to schools and centres for the underprivileged and man, I can only say, it is mind-blowing and actually quite tough to deal with when in a 24 hour period, you can go from one end where people basically live in a world of luxury to people who live in a world of survival.

To be honest, it just makes me appreciate what I have even more (no, I'm not talking about the life I have). I'm talking about the fact that I can actually go into both these worlds. It's like an experience in itself. Very cool. In a way sad, in a way just very human.

Anyway, time to dive back into the chaos, but thought I'd share this :)


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