15 August 2015

The heat, the heat, the heat is on fire

Woah, it is HOT! Well it's humid like mad making it feel hot like mad! These last few days have really tested my tolerance for heat while working and sleeping. My trusty fan is definitely working hard and I've had to rely on my Coolcore towel to help keep things cooler at night. Have the say, it's really the old Egyptian method to stay cool at night, but heck it works.

So the last few days have been a real test, weather being crazy, my throat getting sore (with a slight infection) and general overflow of work. I did go to Singapore and have a great comedy show followed by a lot of junk food (explains the sore throat) but man, I don't know if it's just the summer heat or I'm seriously aging, but my recovery time has definitely slowed down. Nope, I'll blame the heat ;)

So, recently I've been working on a whole bunch of new comedy bits, but haven't had a chance to hit the open mics. Somehow my schedule doesn't seem to like open mic nights unfortunately.

But the good thing is, everything is falling into place ahead of my one-man show on 11 Sept at the HK Comedy Festival!
Looking forward to it with nervousness, excitement and well jokes ;)

And speaking of one-man shows, I'm heading down to Kuala Lumpur next month to be part of their comedy festival and for the first time ever, I'm bringing along my other fellow Cantonese-speaking comedians to perform with me! It's going to be epic! So glad to see the Asian comedy scene coming together to make this big!

Oh, look, it's evil-me on a poster about how I'm about to make you laugh.

Here's to another kick ass 10 days ahead!


Blogger Daniel K said...

all this frequent flying must help you with accruing miles of some sort hopefully?! Never saw you come across as nervous? Or if you were, you hid it quite well... I was wondering how nerve racking it is when you perform in front of strangers, had a taste of reading a passage at a wedding in super duper bright light and it was damn scary (even more scary than the ones getting married!). Anyways, it's actually quite refreshing reading your blog, work is getting crazy on my side so look forward to your dose of laughter inducing jokes keep us posted about it and hopefully I'll see when it's 執好晒!

18 August, 2015 20:34  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Daniel, nah nerves are always there and it's a good thing, but it's kind of like getting your grip on the bike, once the momentum builds, it's a pretty smooth experience.

Anyway, weddings are way different, the pressure's like "it needs to be grand, it's a once in a life time thing to say this!"...
Kinda like comparing ring announcing to stand up comedy. With comedy, the flow is different, a stutter here or there is OK, but if I mess up something while announcing someone's stats, it breaks the whole flow. Very interesting how all these things have different types of nervousness attached to them.

Oh and as for frequent flyer miles, ahahah never over estimate the power of budget airlines ;).....then again, I don't have to pay for the flights most of the time, so in a way, I've beat the frequent flyer benefit directly ;)

18 August, 2015 22:58  
Anonymous Laurence said...

Don't pick the dodgy airlines with the amateur pilots and buggered up equipment mate.

24 August, 2015 08:23  
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