03 August 2015


Alright, so I ticked off another item on my to do list. That's ring announcing inside a cage for an MMA event. For the first time ever, I got to step into an Octagon (many many times) and announce for IMPI Fighting Championship World Series 2 last week. Have to say, it felt great doing this. I really enjoyed going berserk for the last 2 main card fights and after a lot of practice, my control of my voice (even when literally screaming) is way better. I've kind of found my limit and know how to stay away from it before my voice goes into puberty mode and cracks :P

But it's always weird (and a little tough) coming off the high when you realize the night is over. I was so exhausted afterwards, it took me 2 hours to wind down in bed. Well partly because I was so engrossed in watching some videos ahaha.

Anyway, so coming up, a lot of traveling awaits as I head back to Singapore for a gig and then zoom over to Burma for the first time in my life and perform there. Don't know what to expect and I can only hope for the best.

Until then, enjoy!


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