19 November 2015

The prix this year is grand

Well, here I am, in Macau ready for the Grand Prix. It's become a fun little reunion for everyone now especially since there are so many familiar faces. I'll admit, as much as it's exciting, it's also quite nerve-wrecking having to do real-time translations of the press conferences. A combination of different accents and technical terms does make it quite challenging but in its own way, it's exciting.

Before Macau, it's been a wild ride, having me in Singapore last week, flying back to Hong Kong for a day, then zooming over to Kuala Lumpur, flying back to HK early in the morning and basically gigging like crazy. November has always been one of the craziest months for me, so this is no surprise.

What's interesting is how I'm coping with things. A few years ago, this schedule would overwhelm me and I'd have a hard time trying to stay afloat. Nowadays, the schedule hasn't relaxed, but it's more about my mentality about it that has changed, making it very normal to me.

I've tried to line up my schedule for the rest of the year so I'm busy until the 3rd week of December when things die down in general. It'll give me a good chance to make the most of 2015 before I do my yearly review of what I've achieved before I welcome in the new year.

So, still ahead are 3 more days of the Grand Prix, 2 more trips to Singapore, a fight night, a couple of school talks, a quiz night, a whole load of meetings and a few school visits. Wahoo!

Here's to a kick ass next 10 days, and let's make 2015 insanely awesome! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't burn yourself out mate.

21 November, 2015 09:37  
Anonymous Alistair said...

Would be a pity if you do.

21 November, 2015 09:37  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Heh yeah somehow November always ends up being the month that feels like the last lap of a long race ..but thanks,learning to pace myself as much as possible :)

21 November, 2015 12:22  
Blogger Unknown said...

I've been enjoying reading your blogs. It's great to see that you're working hard. Love your shows, you're hilarious! And I hope I can see live one day!
Keep fighting for what you love.

All the best,


06 December, 2015 11:24  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Thanks Breandan! :D Where are you based? I'm traveling a lot, so you never know where I'll end up!

08 December, 2015 01:35  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Vivek, I'm based in Toronto, but I'm from Hong Kong. I do visit HK every summer, so hopefully I can see you sometime when I go back :)


08 December, 2015 04:25  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Breandan, ooh Toronto! Well that's definitely on my to travel to list if not to perform!
Otherwise, when you head to Hong Kong, let me know! Hit me up on facebook if you'd like!

08 December, 2015 11:10  

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