03 April 2016

Melbourne airtime

Hello Melbourne! Well..technically almost hello Melbourne. I'm writing this on the plane on my way there but since ol' wifi hasn't invaded itself into my flight, this isn't going online for the next 6  hours.
So how are things? I can't believe we're already a quarter through 2016 and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is on already.. I can actually still remember it from last year (and given my poor memory, this is a big deal to me).
I made a stop in Kuala Lumpur for a gig and lucky me, my flight isn't full so I"m enjoying "first class leg room" at "budget airline prices!" Wahoo! And of course, a stop in Kuala Lumpur means a stop for shopping...and yes I ended up buying some clothes and a pair of well needed shorts! Not grey, not black, but blue. Yes, I don't know what I'm thinking either but somehow "color" has made its way into my fashion sense this year.

So Easter came around and for once, I got to enjoy "Zero inbox". Sure it only happened on Easter Monday after the 4-day long weekend, but I had half a day where I could literally shut off and not feel like I was lying to myself. Felt good to finally get my work done, and then just relax wholeheartedly. I remember going to the gym and taking extra long to stretch...that's a rare thing :)

So I've also started playing this game Company of Heroes which is pretty fun but quite time consuming. Oh!! Comixology (I normally link all this stuff but no internet..eheheh), what an amazing app for comic books by Amazon. I'm going insane re-reading old stuff like batman issues from wayyyy before. I am soooo tempted to buy the whole Spawn collection and read it all over again, but somehow I can't do it because I have the physical copies at home!! ARGH!!! 1st world problems I tell you.

So for the next 2.5 weeks I'm going to be in Melbourne performing alongside my good buddy Rishi Budhrani from Singapore and Jason Leong from Malaysia. And my Cantonese one-man show returns on 16 April so I'm uber excited about that! OK I'm extra uber excited about all the food in Melbourne!! I've been eating clean and exercising right all year for this trip...so I could eat my heart out!! I'm going to try my darndest to keep my workout regime going while I'm here but it's always a struggle when my schedule is pretty much unknown daily.

On another note, I think I've gone nuts with Spotify, I'm burning through comedy albums thanks to them because I can listen to them while I'm traveling like now. I have 6 hours to go, a bunch of comic books to read, a tonne of comedy albums to listen to and a few nasi lemaks to order on the flight (oddly Air Asia Nasi Lemak is pretty damn good!). How the hell do I always end up talking about food only.

If you've never used Spotify, go for it. Use the free version, it does the trick very well. I used to listen to the free version for over a year, but eventually I tried out premium for 3 months for free because they had a promotion..and with all the traveling and stuff, I figured you know what, this is really good. They deserve my money. So bravo Spotify, you got me.

Oh, my Gmail account is at 98% capacity now and I'm on their legacy plan of US$5/year for an extra 20GB....so I'm struggling to keep up because I don't want to upgrade to US$1.99/month once I do..aha... I know, you're thinking "why are you wasting your energy on these minor issues?!" It's more to do with the fact that once I upgrade, I can never go back to the legacy plan..it is forever gone.. and I like being the few people who have been using Gmail from the start and are on these super duper old-skool plans.

So anyway, let's see how things go in Melbourne, I'm looking forward to blowing my mind with comedy, fulfilling my appetite with great food and hopefully my soul with a good time (awwww..)


Blogger Daniel K said...

G'day mate! Welcome to Aostrayaaa... (in typical Oz accent).

If you have the chance to fly Qantas, they have a section of their audio entertainment dedicated just for comedy shows which I thought was unique! Usually they are cheaper than CX!

04 April, 2016 15:42  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

G'day mate! Ah, I have all my comedy albums pre-downloaded on to my phone thanks to spotify (yep, they have a bunch of comedy albums there!)
Thanks for the tip! :D

04 April, 2016 22:39  
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