18 April 2016

Woops, I forgot to post this when I landed...

Wow..my last entry was while I was on the plane GOING TO Melbourne and this entry is written on the plane LEAVING Melbourne...well the whole run of comedy shows came to an end, it was an absolutely fantastic experience, watching so much comedy, but the best part was having all my Asian buddies here for the festival. The longest we've all hung out in forever.... I guess somehow we all worked things out where we were hanging out yet having our own space. It was fun working out with Jason and Tim and coming up with all these funky routines...then ending it with yoga in our apartment..ahaha 3 guys making weird poses while we followed a video with an instructor that seemed overly calm ahaha

So the great thing is, I ate my heart out. To the point I'm ready to get back to my HK diet of eating clean and healthy vs. eating till I can't eat anymore...
The comedy shows were awesome, I had a fantastic Cantonese show and hopefully this has paved the way as an Annual venture for Asian comedians to do as well as a possible Cantonese show with other comics. Fingers crossed, we got a year to sort this out.

I've grown again as a comedian as well as a person. These 2 weeks, getting away, being in a new place, living a different lifestyle and hanging out with different people, has been a well needed "vacation" from reality for me. I'm ready to go back to Hk and even though I can foresee a bunch of challenges the moment I land and get home, I feel recharged and ready to rock it out. At the same time, hopefully with my fellow Cantonese comedian Tim Chan having experienced the festival, it will give him new energy and a new sense of direction in his comedy career, not to mention motivation for all the other comedians to take it to another level.

Oh, I also got some new fitness equipment (because I lost my bag of rubber loops and stuff one day at the gym) -- power bands, new loops and a speed skipping rope. Bwahaha, super portable, super flexible and super cool. So now when I travel I have a killer gym with me, which means I'll be able to work out better, have a bigger appetite and eat more. Yes, it always revoles around food.

I guess the hardest thing is when you just started getting used to a new change (in this case, my lifestyle and company in Melbourne), you have to stop and say goodbye. It's weird in its own way, but keeps things fresh.

Oh and I've loaded up my phone with apps to test and try out, spotify with a tonne of comedy albums and new music to experience and comixology with bunch of comics to enjoy. Did I mention I got a row of 3 seats to myself? This is going to be a good flight (and my laptop is plugged in with power..bwahah).'

So it's time for me to sit back and get to these items one by one...before they serve food and I enjoy me a movie. Hong Kong, see you in 7.5 hours.


Blogger Daniel K said...

Namaste! (According to Sharul Channa it means "Eff-off!")

The night before I flew down to Melbourne I was madly YouTubing potential shows and that's when I realised a lot of comics use sex jokes (or maybe unlucky in the potential shows I wanted to see). While it's not my type of entertainment, it's also something I don't need to pay for because quite a few of my patients are literally walking sex jokes, to the point that no medical literature can deal with their cases! So big thanks for your clean jokes again! Total respect for witty comedy now.

Really liked the joke about HK churches, we have them here in Australia and unfortunately instead of trying to do people a good service they creep people out! Not to mention the lame jokes they attempt (which surprisingly generates a lot of laughter), well after all you get what you (didn't) pay for. Some of them here also run free English lessons. Perhaps they should also give lessons on "how to choose your English name" hahahaha

Must've been some luck in the air, I had three seats to myself on the way down and two seats to myself on the way home! Sometimes you get more value than what you paid for!

09 May, 2016 22:18  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

aahhaha yeah, the Church bit is actually part of the new show I'm working on but I figured since that lady had been here last year, she deserves some brand spanking new material ahahaahah...

Oh man, nothing makes me happier on a plane than to pay economy seat prices, but get almost 1st class empty row so I can lie flat and stretch my legs..... I get it every now and then when I'm flying on the weekdays in the afternoons for a gig at night or whatever...

But yeah, sex jokes are cool if they're extra smart, otherwise, they don't entertain me enough to go into my act..just a personal preference :)

10 May, 2016 00:11  

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