22 May 2016

DOOM 4!!!!!

OMG DOOM IS OUT!!! And I still have like 100+ games on my steam account I should finish playing before I purchase Doom at full price!
So I've finally got a Sunday were I'm actually home....without a big list of appointments waiting for me to attend. On the other hand, my to do list is massive now but hey, I have the whole day to power through it.

I'm currently interspersing little rounds of Shadow Warrior here and there so it's extra fun for me.

Well, I'll admit, I'm pretty damn mentally burnt out. I know I'm reaching burn out when I am basically going through the days in "survival" mode :P...where it's a matter of not falling back anymore rather than trying to move forward. But that all gets fixed with a good ol' 24 hour reboot. And nothing makes me happier than having a day to just catch up enough so I feel ready to face the week head-on.
I'm still thinking what new adventure I'm going to experience this Tuesday but for all I know, it may be old-skool gaming-marathon..who knows? I got the whole day to think about it wahoo!

Oh I've also started watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. Perfect brain-dead stuff to enjoy every now and then :).

Speaking of brain dead, it's tax-time in Hong Kong....oh man, lucky for me I have my accounts in place but it's just one of those things that just feel....stressful in general. Much like this heat, it just wears you down even without doing anything.

Well the cool thing is I got to experience Korea for the first time in my life, treating myself to 2-people's worth of black pork and man that filled me the hell up! Before heading on to a cruise for gigs only to find myself in the Tianjin Airport for like 6 hours...before a 3 hours flight....that was dreadful, but all in a day's work for a traveling comedian. Wouldn't trade it for the world, unless that world is everything the same except no long waits at airports :P

So here's to a great 10 days ahead and time for me to slip in another round of Shadow Warrior...just because :).


Anonymous Alistair said...

I thought you were over the video games...

23 May, 2016 20:39  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

This is the power of DOOM.
Actually I've started playing again, mostly because I've realized, I really need to stop being such a #!$1@% workaholic and actually enjoy these games... plus it works out my brain in a whole different way.

23 May, 2016 22:56  

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