10 October 2016

This blog be 9.5 years old ya'll! (WTF!?)

Woah, so this major blog entry is like 2 months late and this blog is now 9.5 years old. O. m. G.! WTF!?

So much has happened in the last 6 months. On a cool note, I finally hit my 10% body fat target I've had for a while and I'm back to good ol' Olympic lifting training. I'm writing this with a slight injured left wrist, I think from just too much weight while I was doing overhead squats (by the way, I'm over-head squatting 38kg x 6 reps easily now. Yes, I know, that's no big deal, but it's a record for me, to do that properly).

Also, I've learned the art of the hand stand and man it's all about the wrists I see, being tight, being a stick and controlling your hand stand with your wrists. Man that'll take a while for me to master but still it's very cool stuff and I aim to practice it all the time. I'm definitely way stronger already. I've currently got the clean, snatch, splits learned but need to not only practice it but get it into my muscle memory so I'm focusing on the over all technique rather than still trying to walk myself through it. As for the hand stand, I've got the concept down, now it's strength.

Also, I'm working on my vertical jump and right now I've been re-doing my whole walking/legs technique where I use more of my gluteals to walk and explode from. It's annoying because turns out all along I've been using my legs but not much butt so my explosion isn't as powerful as it should/could be....getting there.

I've also moved to a new place with my mom which is a big step for us and now it's down to the last 12 months before I finally buy a place. Renting sucks mostly because I feel so limited. Like every nail in the wall feels like "do I really want this?" to the point it's de-motivating. Especially now when I'm like "OMG I could do this this that that!" The cool thing is I get so much sunlight now I don't even turn on my lights until it's super dark outside. It's super quiet and I've started to minimize everything I had. I really do like minimalism, it's awesome.

And yeah, recently a lot has happened in my life, a lot of positivity and my mood has definitely improved a lot. I guess maybe it's because things are falling into place a lot more now, like I said, it's like after all that time of planting seeds, and watching the fruits start, I'm noticing a few fruits on the tree and now, every now and then, I can treat myself to them without worrying about running out :)

So yeah, the last 6 months has been a total change in a lot of aspects which makes me wonder what the next  6 months will bring. I'm still listening to Bill Burr's podcast and loving it and started Joe Rogan's as well. Oh I got Spawn 1 - 100 on Comixology which means I got a tonne to read, not to mention a line of things to watch on netflix as well as audiobooks to go through. Basically, I literally had a "when bored do this" list or "when don't know what to do, do this" list :P

Interesting eh? Well that's how things should be. Oh, and where I stay now, it's near the hiking trail I used to go to when I first started this blog. Oddly, now that I'm closer to it, I am less inclined to trek up that trail. Ahaha oh proximity, you weird concept you.


Anonymous Alistair said...

You are buying a place in Hong Kong mate? You're a millionaire.

13 October, 2016 10:56  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

The power of mortgages for those that ain't rolling in cash....

But that' an aim of mine buddy, enough is enough with the concept of renting..

13 October, 2016 14:30  

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